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2012 Offseason Plan
Free Agents 2012
RB Mike Tolbert
WR Patrick Crayton
C Nick Hardwick
TE Randy McMicheal

If track record for an organization is anything to count on one would think that the Chargers part ways with their upcoming free agent RB Mike Tolbert; see Michael Turner, Darren Sproles, and LT.  Tolbert is 26 years old and would make a good partner in crime with Mathews, but I would not be surprised if they decided to hand the reigns fully to Ryan Mathews even though his injury history is very concerning. I think the Chargers Curtis Brinkley has a chance to be the change of pace back, similar to a Darren Sproles type role anyway.

Positions of Need
WR When Floyd was out with an injury rookie WR Vincent Brown was given the opportunity and stepped in and up into Floyd’s shoes. Although they have a clear number one in Vincent Jackson that offense needs big athletic WR’s to let Rivers feel comfortable slinging the ball around. They drafted a nice piece in Brown but I think they are looking for some young depth still. Floyd is a Free Agent in 2013 this is an opportunity to plan ahead.

C The 30 year old Hardwick would be a tremendous loss, we saw how much the Chargers struggled with other offensive lineman out this year just think how bad things would have been without their anchor in the middle, I don’t see the Chargers letting Hardwick walk. The offensive line is an unstable group up front and therefore C is a definite position of need.

TE The TE Position is such a crucial aspect of Phillip Rivers game, have you seen what Gates injury issues the past two years did to Rivers, he looked like a lost puppy at times without Gates out there. Given the past injury concerns that keep arising with Gates along with McMicheal possibly not being with the team after this year, I would say this is a huge position of need.

OLB Both starting OLB and a backup OLB are going to be Free Agents in 2013, Shaun Phillips, Travis Laboy, and Antwan Barnes. Larry English has been every bit of a bust. The amount of pressure put on the QB is an important part to this 3-4 defensive scheme, the Bolts need an impact OLB!

CB Jammer is 32 years old as well as a Free Agent after this year. Antoine Cason has been solid since being drafted in the first round in 2008. Marcus Gilchrist has improved this season and might be ready to take over full time if Jammer leaves soon. In this league, teams need corners to cover the prolific offensives.