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2012 Offseason Plan
Free Agents 2012
QB Brady Quinn
TE Daniel Fells

The one good thing about Josh McDaniels depletion of talent on the roster during his tenure, it has really given an opportunity for young players to step in and develop. This roster has holes all over and will likely need a couple years to get it to a respectable talent base. McDaniels takes a lot of grief from analysts and Bronco fans about his poor early draft picks like Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers but he has done some nice things late in drafts like Eric Decker.  Decker has developed into a nice option at WR, three out of the five starting lineman were drafted by McDaniels. McDaniels also made some very good player acquisitions like Andre Goodman, Brian Dawkins, and Joe Mays that have large roles on a streaking defense. Although there is not the talent top to bottom that scouts like to see on a roster, the group of players are gelling as a team which is what McDaniels had in mind.

Positions of Need
QB This is the million dollar question, who knows really what’s going to happen here? I would put my money on a QB taken in this year’s draft by the Broncos, might be early, might be late but I think the Broncos bring in a young developmental prototypical QB.

CB Aging veterans in Bailey and Goodman, although Chris Harris a rookie out of Kansas has been a tremendous find for this team.

DT Not the most talented group but this actually has a chance to be a position of some decent depth with Broderick Bunkley, Marcus Thomas and Ryan Mcbean playing better of late. Also don’t forget about big Ty Warren who should be back next year after tearing a pectoral muscle during preseason.

MLB DJ Williams who had been manning this position for years was moved to OLB this year and Joe Mays a hard hitting run stopping MLB has step in and played very solid.

WR Although I like Eric Decker’s skills I am not sold he is a number one WR. Demaryius Thomas a first round pick in 2010 has shown flashes of number one talent but injuries have derailed his career thus far.