Joe Gaiter: What does football mean to you?

Mike Nelson: Football has meant a lot of different things over the years to me but at this point it has become a way of life. It means working all year to better myself as a player and inevitably as a person. It has taught me the most about myself and how to deal with challenges in life. Without football I would not have had the friends and relationships I cherish most in my life. And the experiences that can only come through winning and losing. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to play

Joe Gaiter: What will it take to elevate your game to the next level?

Mike Nelson: I believe becoming stronger and increasing body control will help me be successful at the next level. The better I can control myself, the easier it will be to control someone else. By building core strength and fine tuning athletic ability I expect my movement on the field to improve.

Joe Gaiter: What are your biggest strengths on the field?

Mike Nelson: I’ve noticed that playing fundamentally sound football has helped throughout my college years. In stressful situations being able to stay calm and using the tools I’ve been coached to has kept me playing consistent, making it my biggest strength.

Joe Gaiter: What were your stats last year?

Mike Nelson: Being an offensive lineman stats were not a big part of my career. As a senior I did give up two sacs and used them as motivation and learned what I could from them to get better.

Joe Gaiter: Why should any NFL team give you a chance?

Mike Nelson: Through the course of my college career I believe I’ve proven myself a dependable player that is coachable and eager to learn more. As a student of the game I want to play at my highest possible level.

Joe Gaiter: Who is your favorite player in the NFL and why?

Mike Nelson: Russell Wilson because of his leadership style and how he handles himself on and off the field, he is a young quarterback that is always looking to improve not only himself but the players around him.

Joe Gaiter: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far as a player?

Mike Nelson: After my senior season being named an All American has meant the most to me. Being named an All American was always a dream of mine. Sharing that title with all the other great players is a true honor.

Joe Gaiter: What have you learned about yourself in your college football career?

Mike Nelson: My love of working with people to accomplish a common goal and share in the success.

Joe Gaiter: Describe how you play your position on the field?

Mike Nelson: I like to think of myself as a smart physical player. Playing smart and having situational awareness has given me an advantage to adjust to become a more effective player.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss most about Central Washington?

Mike Nelson: The college football experience is one that is impossible to duplicate. The relationships I’ve built with coaches and teammates are what I will miss most. Coming through the program and sharing in the good and bad times with my recruit class gave us a unique bond and perspective on college football that I won’t soon forget.