Joe Gaiter: What does football mean to you?

Jacoby Browder: Football means a lot to me because I train and push my body to the limit to be the best I can be.


Joe Gaiter: How will you elevate your game to the next level?


Jacoby Browder: I will elevate my game by doing what I have been doing just a little more work has to be put in because there is always room for improvement


Joe Gaiter: What are your biggest strengths on the field?


Jacoby Browder: My biggest strengths are that I’m patient and physical at the line of scrimmage. I am also a quick reactor


Joe Gaiter: Explain your stats from the last year?


Jacoby Browder: I had 54 tackles and one interception.


Joe Gaiter: Why should any NFL team give you a chance?


Jacoby Browder: I believe they should give me a chance because my main focus is football not money but football and I know if I do my job within their system I will make plays and the money will make itself


Joe Gaiter: Who is your favorite player in the NFL and why?


Jacoby Browder: My favorite NFL player is Derelle Revis because he is a very physical corner such as myself


Joe Gaiter: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far as a player?


Jacoby Browder: My biggest accomplishments are developing the patience it takes to play cornerback and how to change my attitude when things do not go my way

Joe Gaiter: What have you learned about yourself in your college football career?


Jacoby Browder: I learned I cannot stop working to be better because there is someone always trying to out shine you and the coaches are always looking for somebody to out recruit you so you have to stay on your game


Joe Gaiter: Describe how you play your position on the field?


Jacoby Browder: I play my position by making sure my half of the field is a no fly zone and a no run zone it’s nice to have interceptions. I believe I am well respected because I hardly get tried for passes


Joe Gaiter: What will you miss most about Tuskegee?


I will miss the bonding my brothers in our defensive back unit.


Joe Gaiter: What is your major and how will you use it?


Jacoby Browder: My major is history. I plan on attending law school