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Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Johnnie Farms: I feel my greatest football strengths are my ability to get off the ball quickly. I have great strength and I am able to take on and fight off double teams.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Johnnie Farms: My goals are to make an NFL team and have a productive and long NFL career. I would be fine sitting behind a veteran and learning the ropes to get a good grasp of the game. I want to be a big part of a winning team.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your biggest accomplishments?

Johnnie Farms: Just being in the situation I am today. I haven’t won much in college but I have worked my way up and have put myself into a good situation. Playing college football and being in the position I am today has been a great accomplishment.

Scott Porter: What was the experience like playing in the NFLPA game?

Johnnie Farms: That was a great experience for me.  I enjoyed that experience very much. It was the first time I was ever in California. It was nice going against different schools and interacting with players from different teams. I made a lot of connections during the NFLPA week and stay in touch with many people from that game. I formed a bond with some of the guys and some of which I train down in Florida with.

Scott Porter: What do you feel will be the toughest adjustment from the college level to the pro level?

Johnnie Farms: Practice will be more intense The speed of the game will change but I feel I can adapt quickly and neither will be a problem for me. I take practice very serious and I love practicing. I feel how you practice is how you are going to play. You are also going week in week out against the best of competition so you can’t take anything for granted. You are going to have to bring your best game each and every week if you want to survive in this league.  The NFL also has more games on the schedule. I feel I can adjust to all of this quickly and fit in.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?

Johnnie Farms: I like to cook. I like going out and seeing new things. I like to go on long walks and clear my mind on the beach. I like to try out different eating places and I like to bowl. My biggest hobby away from the field is working out.

Scott Porter: What type of person is an NFL team getting in Johnnie Farms?

Johnnie Farms: They are getting a person who shows up everyday. Someone who is going to give everything they’ve got each and every snap. I am going to do whatever is asked of me. I am versatile . I can play both defensive line spots. I am a good guy and I have a high drive to win.

Scott Porter: What are you doing from now until draft time to prepare yourself for the NFL draft?

Johnnie Farms: I am in Boca Raton, FL right now training with Tony Bolones at XPE. I am working on my hands, my back strength. I am working on getting stronger and more explosive. I am also working on lowering my pad level. The NFL is a totally different game so I am working to increase my ability as much as I can when I get there.

Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to the most about your opportunity in the NFL?

Johnnie Farms: I am looking forward to being somewhere new. I am looking forward to moving. Wherever I go I will be very excited to get to the city and play football. I am looking forward to being somewhere new and calling it home.