Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Evan Swindall: I feel like my strengths are my ability to get everyone on the same page on the offensive line. Organization and my leadership role as the center.


Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?


Evan Swindall: My goals for the nfl started 2 days after the bowl. Working out and preparation for my bowl game then more working out for the combine.


Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to the most about your opportunity in the NFL?


Evan Swindall: I amm looking forward to playing with the guys I watch every Sunday. To learn from them and hopefully make a career out of the nfl


Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing the OL position?


Evan Swindall: The toughest part about oline is the grind of the season. Being able to get back the Sunday after the game and fight through it.


Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?


Evan Swindall: My hobbies include hanging out with the olinemen, playing pool, and being around my family.


Scott Porter: What are your greatest accomplishments?


Evan Swindall: I feel my greatest accomplishments have been getting my degree at ole miss as well as helping bring the rebels from previous 4-8 and 2-10 years to winning records my last 2 years.


Scott Porter: What kind of person and player is an NFL team getting in Evan Swindall?


Evan Swindall: With me a hard worker who will be dependable while never letting you down. A person of good character who will lead by example on and off the field.