Scott Porter: What have you been doing from the end of your college career until now?


Travon Jones: Running my elite athletic training company called T1 Sports Academy I have some raw talent in my camp they surprise me with their abilities at time and work ethic also mentoring these young athletes, and I just been training like crazy nothing hasn’t changed with me oh yes it has I became hungrier and more focus time will do that to you it’s my passion!


Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to the most about your chance in the NSFL?


Travon Jones: To show case my talent it’s going to be fun, the opportunity of having the chance to do what you love man it can’t get any better than that! Thanks to the NSFL and the LA organization.


Scott Porter: Have you recently heard from any NFL teams?

Travon Jones: My people heard from a few teams who will be paying a close attention to me during my season Jacksonville Oakland and packers we will see what will happen after this season all I can say it’s going to be a journey to remember.  


Scott Porter: Why should a team give Travon Jones a shot in the NFL?


Travon Jones: I’m ready I’m hungry I heard it all seen it all and still wake up every day to repeat the race only to improve it’s not about the money to me it’s about wins and losses! And I don’t like to lose.


Scott Porter: What feedback have you gotten about the NSFL? What do you know about it? The opportunites, etc?

Travon Jones: It’s a great opportunity. That its football and it’s affiliated with the NFL and I’m playing for the LA xplosion! All I really care about and I’m ready to go to work. The opportunity is great I will say you either playing or not you can only train so much but you must get on that field and I know my journey and respect it!   


Scott Porter: What message would you have for other players in your shoes?


Travon Jones: One thing I learned you can’t go back in time you can’t fast forward time so there for its nothing like present time so why you have the ability to get better get better, I really organized myself got rid of my agent got rid of a few people around me not telling one to do this I figured this was best for me I put my cousin in charge of training me Mark Mitchell and I just got back to the basics spending time with my high school coach, coach Arax and around his program he runs a tight ship at Bullard high school in fresno,ca and also spent time around Tony Perry and CJ who are also from my home town of Fresno,ca its more people who is involve with me getting here also my grandmother and mother prayers kept me strong can’t forget them family. So my advice simple surround yourself with people who genuine want to see you live out your dreams and do it for them it’s a reason for everything and that’s mine!  I have had good mentors in Yosef Fares and Bobby Jones, JR.


Scott Porter: What goals do you have for yourself?


Travon Jones: My biggest goal or I should say my purpose of reaching my goals come from my surroundings as a kid growing up all I heard and even now from people if I could’ve done it this or that way or if I had the drive and etc.. I don’t want to be that person so every move I make is priceless I want to be the best son, grandson, nephew, uncle business owner, teammate, friend and one day father and husband! It’s bigger than me


Scott Porter: Which player in the NFL would you compare yourself to?


Travon Jones: Really no one anymore my game is my game I watch a lot of running backs and see the things they do and like what they do but to be honest I can’t really compare my own self to anyone because I’m 1of1 soon the world will see but no disrespect to anyone!