Joe Gaiter: What does football mean to you?

Eugene Neboh: Football to me is way to challenge myself to be better every day while doing this in an environment with people of diverse backgrounds.

Joe Gaiter: Where are you from and how was your childhood?

Eugene Neboh: I was born in Clinton, Oklahoma but moved to Odessa, Texas a month after my birth and have been there since. I had a pretty fun childhood for the most part growing up with my three little brothers. We always competed and still do to this when get the opportunity.

Joe Gaiter: When did you start playing football?

Eugene Neboh: My first year in football was in 8th grade.

Joe Gaiter: How has the training you received at Permian High School helped you get to this point in your life?

Eugene Neboh: The training from Permian has really been beneficial to me throughout my college career. My high school coach, Darren Allman, really taught me how to work hard and believe that I could achieve what I want in life. This is the same attitude I try to display on and off the playing field.

Joe Gaiter: You are ranked 45th in the NCAA for pass breakups. What are the keys to play your position on the field?

Eugene Neboh: I think for a corner to be successful he has to have the ability to understand the weaknesses of each coverage they play as well as route combinations. A corner must also have the mindset to play the next play cause there are plays that will not go as planned.

Joe Gaiter: What is it like to play for Texas Tech?

Eugene Neboh: Playing for Texas Tech is a great experience. The coaches are passionate about their work and the fans always have a great turnout.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss most about playing at Texas Tech?

Eugene Neboh: I’m going to miss the special teammates I had to share my experiences on the field with.

Joe Gaiter: What have you learned about yourself as a leader on Texas Tech football team?

Eugene Neboh: I have learned that I like for my actions to speak louder than my words. In my eyes anyone can say the right things but not everyone can do them.

Joe Gaiter: Why should any team pick you to be on their team?

Eugene Neboh: My faith in the Lord will keep me from being a distraction to any organization, I always am willing to learn every day, and I have the passion to succeed in everything I do

Joe Gaiter: Do you have a backup EUGENE NEBOHplan if you don’t get drafted?

Eugene Neboh: I will work at a chance for a free agent deal. If football doesn’t work out then I will go back to school to become a physical therapist.

Joe Gaiter: What player in the NFL has your style of play?

Eugene Neboh: I try to play as a mixture of Asante Samuel and Deangelo Hall. I like the ability Asante has to diagnose plays during game and his overall instincts. What I try to take from Deangelo’s game his confidence and great ball skills.

Joe Gaiter: What are your biggest strengths on the field?

Eugene Neboh: I feel like my speed and quickness are my greatest assets for me. I’m not the biggest person so my I try to use my speed to make up for that. I also feel like my understanding of route combinations is a strength of me as well.

Joe Gaiter: What is your motivation for playing football?

Eugene Neboh: I play football to honor and thank God for the abilities he has blessed me with. I also play to bring success to my family.

Joe Gaiter: How do you plan on giving back to the community after you get drafted?

Eugene Neboh: I would help fund my mom’s summer track program to help fight childhood obesity in the west Texas area.  Another thing I will do is helping the underprivileged children in my hometown get exposure to athletic scholarships as well as academic scholarships.

Joe Gaiter: How would your friends describe you off the field?

Eugene Neboh: They would probably describe as a real laid back, hardworking, determined individual.

Joe Gaiter: When is your pro-day and combine and how are you preparing?

Eugene Neboh: March 6 is my pro day date. I have been preparing at Tom Shaw’s speed camp working on my footwork, technique, and speed.

Joe Gaiter: Do you think your hard work will pay off?

Eugene Neboh: I believe that it will because in my eyes God hasn’t brought me this far in life to let me fail. I pray that my destiny is in the NFL however if it’s not I still know that my only option will be to succeed

Joe Gaiter: What do you want your football legacy to be?

Eugene Neboh: I want to be known as a football player that has a calm, positive, collected demeanor on the field with an aggressive and instinctive playing style.

Joe Gaiter: Final Words?

Eugene Neboh: I want to thank God for all the blessings that he has given me throughout my lifetime. I also would like to thank my dad and mom for everything they do for my brothers and myself on a daily basis.