Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?
Orlando Okoroha: My greatest strengths on and off the field are that I am a hard worker and a very knowledgeable person. On the field, my knowledge helps me play a lot faster and I love to be physical sure tackler.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?
Orlando Okoroha: I plan to play in the for a very long time as a starter. I have everything it takes and I plan to work hard towards that goal.

Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to the most about your opportunity?
Orlando Okoroha: I am mostly looking forward to playing with the people that I grew up looking up to like Ed Reed etc.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest football accomplishments?
Orlando Okoroha: My greatest accomplishments would have to be this past season I had at Marshall. Just to come back and have a success of a season after the incident at Boston College was a blessing for me.

Scott Porter: What type of person and player is a team getting in you?
Orlando Okoroha: As a person, a team would be getting a humble and hard working young man who works hard at everything he does, weight room, film room and on the field. Also a great teammate. As a player a team would be getting a very physical safety who is smart and knowledgeable of the game. A safety that has great speed and all the tools that will plays sideline to sideline.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about college football?
Orlando Okoroha: I will miss the fans more than anything and that college teammate vibe there is in the locker room.

Scott Porter: What have you been doing this offseason to get ready for the NFL?
Orlando Okoroha: I have been training very hard with ETCchampions in Washington DC. Did very good at my pro day and now continue to train with ETC as the draft approaches.

Scott Porter: What do you like most about playing the game of football?
Orlando Okoroha: I love the physical side about football. I love to hit and the excitement of making plays.