Joe Gaiter:  What does football mean to you?

Demazio Skelton: Football is more than a game to me. It has taught me a lot of life lessons such as being disciplined, responsibility, and building character and leadership skills. It truly means a lot to me and plays a major part of me.

Joe Gaiter:  Where are you from and how was your childhood?

Demazio Skelton: I am from Myrtle Beach, Sc. I was the only child growing up bouncing between Atlanta with my dad and Myrtle Beach with my mom. I was a very social person and sports helped me with that.

Joe Gaiter:  When did you start playing football?

Demazio Skelton: When I was 7 in the second grade.

Joe Gaiter:  What made you choose to transfer from Georgia Military College to Georgia State?

Demazio Skelton: Having the opportunity to be coached by a legendary coach, Bill Curry, as well as all the opportunities that came with living in the city of Atlanta.

Joe Gaiter:  What will you miss most about playing at Georgia State?

Demazio Skelton: Working with Coach Bill Curry. He was such a motivational person although we did not have the best season last year he kept encouraging us. I will also miss the friendships I made with my teammates like Demario Gunn, another starting safety.

Joe Gaiter:  What advice would you give GSU football organization on what they can do to have a better season next year?

Demazio Skelton: To play with a lot of confidence and finish the game. Last year we didn’t play as hard in the fourth quarter so if these guys have the confidence they need they will be able to perform throughout the entirety of the game.

Joe Gaiter:  You had five interceptions in two seasons and 54 tackles last season. What are the keys to playing your position?

Demazio Skelton: Film Study, practicing hard and staying consistent.

Joe Gaiter:   With you being so strong and powerful do you think you might get over looked since you are at a smaller school?

Demazio Skelton: Yes, but if the scouts and teams look at the film they will see I have the ball skills, instinct, and size to be a great NFL player.