Joe Gaiter:What does football mean to you? 


Darius Kinney: Hard-work. Heart. Focus and love for football because it’s impossible to play this game without loving every minute of being on the that field

Joe Gaiter: Where are you from and how was your childhood?


Darius Kinney:I’m from Newark, NJ and my childhood was good for the most part thank god for my grandmother because without her and a few more people in my life I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Joe Gaiter: When did you start playing football?


Darius Kinney:Pop Warner for the cougars. Those were the good old days.


Joe Gaiter:What is your motivation for playing football?

Darius Kinney: Everybody that believes in me and the simple fact I can’t let myself down.

Joe Gaiter:What are the keys to playing running back?

Darius Kinney: Vision is the main key in my book but it’s a lot that play in being a Running back. You have to block, catch, cut on a dime and have a nose for the in zone. 

Joe Gaiter:You are a fast runner and any team could use someone like you on their team. But coming from a smaller school do you think that you might get overlooked?

Darius Kinney: Yes, because it happens but for the most part I don’t think about bigger schools or smaller schools I just work hard and control what’s in my boat.

Joe Gaiter:What are some things you learned from the coaching staff and players at Kean University?

Darius Kinney: learnt team chemistry is the difference between a winning record and a losing record. It’s not about talent.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss most about playing at Kean University??


Darius Kinney: My fans. The love I received at Kean was well appreciated and I will forever love the people that believe in me from the start.


Joe Gaiter: Are you prepared enough to be in the NFL?


Darius Kinney: Yes because I’ve been preparing since Pop Warner.


Joe Gaiter: Do you have a backup plan if you don’t get drafted?


Darius Kinney: Yes, go back to school finish up to get my degree.


Joe Gaiter: Who has been a major influence on your career?

Darius Kinney: My brother watching how he works his tail off to keep the house in order and never complain. He just makes things happen through hard work. I would say that is one of my major influences.

Joe Gaiter: How will you elevate your level when you go to the pros?

Darius Kinney: I’m going to keep training like I was doing the work don’t just stop there. I’m going to have to work harder then everybody on and off the field.

How do you plan on giving back to the community after you get drafted? By donating money to the boys and girls club because that’s how I stayed out of trouble after school.


Joe Gaiter: Do you feel that you are at your best?


Darius Kinney: Absolutely I’m 227 moving faster than I ever been. I just can’t wait for my proday.

Joe Gaiter: When is your pro-day and combine and how are you preparing?


Darius Kinney: My Proday is March 6th at Fordham in New York and Brian Martin at Test Sports Academy was so kind to let me in their Proday as well and as far as training I’ve been training with A.S.K Training/G.T.A Training in Atlanta with Antony Glaud and David Irons.

Joe Gaiter: What has been the hardest thing in your life that you have gone through and how did you make it through?


Darius Kinney: When my mother past while I was attending Milford Academy. I was so messed up off the situation I couldn’t perform the way I wanted to, along with a high ankle sprain. I would say that was one of my hardest times. 

Joe Gaiter: Do you think your hard work will pay off?


Darius Kinney: Of course because don’t nothing come easy. You want respect you have to earn it. Bottom line!

Joe Gaiter: What do you want your football legacy to be?