Joe Gaiter: What does football mean to you?

Tevinn Cantly: Football has been something that has always been in my life. It’s also the only thing that I have wanted to do for a living. Football to me is an escape from reality. No matter how much work I had to do, or if I had girl troubles, once I was on the field none of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was beating the man across from me and winning. If I didn’t have football there would be a void in my life that I would have tough time filling. It is undeniably my passion.

Joe Gaiter: What is your motivation for playing football?

Tevinn Cantly: My biggest motivation for football is my love for the game. I also would like to show people that the NFL is where I belong, I want to play football on the highest level against the best in the world. Lastly, I would like to make my family, friends, and all of the people that supported me up until now proud.

Joe Gaiter: What are the keys to playing good at your position?

Tevinn Cantly: The keys to being a good defensive lineman to me is having great hands and feet, having a refuse to lose attitude, and being able to quickly react to whatever situation is presented to you while having an intuitive understanding of your opponent. Watching film and studying your opponent is the key to the last one for me.

Joe Gaiter:What will you miss most about playing at North Texas?

Tevinn Cantly: Without a doubt, it would be playing alongside my teammates. I wouldn’t have wanted to shed blood, sweat, and tears with any other group of men.

Joe Gaiter: What do you have to offer an NFL team?

Tevinn Cantly: I offer that rare combination of size, speed, strength, and athleticism that many big men do not have. I also pride myself on my quick feet and hand speed, they make me a very versatile defensive lineman. Other than my physical attributes, I have a great knowledge of the game. I absorb playbooks like a sponge and am extremely coachable. I also strive to be a leader by earning the trust and respect of my teammates.

Joe Gaiter: What are some things that you learned from your college football experience?

Tevinn Cantly: I have learned a lot of unique things, especially coming from an unsuccessful team. I learned to have a drive for excellence. That even if you work hard all year long, nothing is guaranteed unless you take it. I learned what it is to be hungry, and the only way to eat, is to hunt.

Joe Gaiter: Do you have a backup plan if you don’t get drafted?

Tevinn Cantly: I plan on doing everything I can to show a team I belong in the NFL and get signed as a free-agent.

Joe Gaiter: What player in the NFL has your style of play?

Tevinn Cantly: I would have to say Jay Rafliff.

Joe Gaiter: What are your biggest strengths on the field?

Tevinn Cantly: I’m a great communicator, an excellent pass rusher, and I give great effort to make plays.

Joe Gaiter: How do you plan on giving back to the community after you get drafted?

Tevinn Cantly: When I lived in California I attended the local Boys & Girls Club. That really changed my childhood and helped me become the outgoing, responsible, and social man I am today. So, I would like to help give kids the same opportunity I had. If I’m very successful in the NFL I would like to eventually open one of my own.

Joe Gaiter:Do you feel that you are at your best?

Tevinn Cantly: No, I still have a great desire to improve. I still feel like there is a lot of hidden potential I’ve yet to discover, and with the right
coaching, I can become one of the best the league has to offer.

Joe Gaiter:When is your pro-day and combine and how are you preparing?

Tevinn Cantly:My pro-day is March 6th. I’ve been training at Power Train in Canonsburg, PA. I’ve been working to improve my strength, speed, and most of all my technique. I’ve lost around 20lbs so I can show up to pro-day an elite, highly trained athlete.

Joe Gaiter: What do you want your football legacy to be?

Tevinn Cantly:I would like to play my football career out to the fullest. I’d like to
leave everything I have out on the field, and when I have to walk away
from the sport, I want to be a champion with no regrets.