See what Waterloo, IA, CB Donterrious Porter has to say below.


Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Donterrious Porter: I feel my greatest strengths would include my character, being a coachable player, and having the drive to be successful no matter the obstacles.

Scott Porter: You come from a smaller school in Waterloo, Iowa (Luther), a lot of people have not heard of you. Tell us what type of a player and person Donterrious Porter is?

Donterrious Porter: The type of person i would have to say i am is having a big heart and willingness to help people out despite  my own problems i have. When I can, i go to my eight year old nephew’s school to shadow him because he really looks up to me. I try to not only be a good role model for him but his peers as well. A lot of people may know I’ve been working so hard to get noticed but what they don’t know is how hard I’ve been working to help other guys. As of right now I’m helping six guys all over the country to find colleges, systems, and coaches that fits their playing styles in football. Their names are Tony Toledo, Brandon Glover, Delicious Martin, Joshua Shepherd, Dominic  Campbell, Wes Burnside, Jeremiah Ortiz.  My goal is to help them become great role models so they can help the next guy be successful in life. As a football player I have the heart and determination to become one of the best. I don’t say that because I feel it will just happen. I say that because I am willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen. I feel I have a cocky but humble swagger but I will always put the team over my needs because it takes eleven guys to win a game not one. I’m a very hard worker so not only will I do whatever I can to be on the field I will also be a team player that is coachable.

Scott Porter: Why should an NFL team take a chance on Donterrious Porter?

Donterrious Porter: I feel a team should take a chance on me because I have character and great leadership abilities to build a team around. I feel i have great morals and will always give the team my best effort. I will not only have great integrity on the field but off it as well. I will conduct my self as a role model and always do the right things. I told my college I wouldn’t let them down on or off the field and I am telling any team willing to take a chance on me .I will not let them down on or off the field either.

Scott Porter: What are your greatest football accomplishments?

Donterrious Porter: I would say my greatest accomplishment would be graduating college and being a great role model for those around me. I would also say having the ability to stay focused on my dreams despite people saying I am too small or didn’t go to a big enough college to play in the NFL.

Scott Porter: What got you interested in football?

Donterrious Porter: I use to play backyard football with my two brothers for fun and that started my love for football. I later started watching football on the TV to further my interest in football. I then waited until my 7th grade year to play football because that was the year i could play for my middle school (Bunger Wolves). I was a running back and cornerback because i was faster then most of the guys on the team.

Scott Porter: Is there any benefit from flying under the radar and working your way from the bottom to the top? How has that helped you be the player you are today?

Donterrious Porter: I would say yes as long as someone has the right mindset to become the best and do whatever it takes to get noticed. I know I am under the radar and people don’t believe that you will be any good. This only motivates me to work harder to become great. That also puts me in the mindset to call every college coach in America if that’s what it take to get a pro day and into the NFL. I feel once people do start to see me rise from the bottom to the top they will see i have the heart, focus, and determination to be great. I feel i have always been under the radar since I was little and that has really developed my work ethic to worker harder than those around me because I want to be the best and prove people wrong. Ice always been the type to add weight on my bar or do extra sets in the weight room so people will see they cant out work me.

Scott Porter: What advice would you have for someone in your same shoes?

Donterrious Porter: I would first and foremost say they should have a relationship with god and have faith in him before they pursue their dreams. After that i would say work hard to do your part and the lord will do his part and lead you to your dreams. As my old defensive backs coach Benny Boyd would say, “don’t let your dreams die easy ” and I feel if anyone one wants to reach their dreams they have to have that mind set. I would also tell them they have to believe in themselves first because if they don’t no body else will. They have to be willing to put themselves out there regardless what other people will say and get back up when they have set backs heading toward their dreams. I feel as long as they know what they have to do regardless of everything going on around them good or bad they will be successful in whatever they are trying to do. A champion is made one no one is watching, only hard work and sacrifice will make a champion. I have this quote above my bed and this can be used for anyone trying to do anything in their life.

Scott Porter: What is your favorite part about playing the cornerback position?

Donterrious: My favorite part about being a cornerback is knowing that not everyone can play the position. I feel to play cornerback one has to have a cocky mindset because they are always on a island with a receiver. I also feel one has to be able to make plays and have great football instincts. I think cornerback is one of the hardest positions in football because it requires so many skills to be able to play it. I feel the three most important things someone has to have if they are going to play cornerback is confidence, talent, and play making abilities.

Scott Porter: You are participating at a regional combine in Solider field, what would you like to show scouts during that?

Donterrious Porter: I want scouts to not only see my talent but my character, and how I conduct myself in my everyday life. I feel if scouts can see my character they will know I am they type of player they want on their team because i will always conduct myself above their standards as a person. I will be that coachable player they want and display the leadership abilities they expect. I will set a great example for the younger generation to come an help them become great leaders for the future.

Scott Porter: What are your goals from a football perspective?

Donterrious Porter: My goals as a football player is to be a great football player but better person. I want people to know I was one of the hardest workers and was willing to put in the time to become great. I want to end up in the football hall of fame and be one of greatest that played the game of football.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Donterrious Porter:  My hobbies off the field would be watching movies, eating food because I am always hungry and food is great. I like to play video games with my friends when we can all get together. I like to hangout with my family and will often times talk about when we were little and how much we’ve grown up.

Scott Porter: What are you expecting to run at the regional combine? What drills do you feel will set you apart from others?

Donterrious Porter: my goal is to run a time between 4.46-4.48 and continue to get faster. I feel my character, bench press, 40 time, vertical jump, shuttle time, and cornerback drills will help to set me apart from the other guys. I feel i will have great numbers overall to open up some eyes and show scouts that i have what it takes to make it into the NFL.