Joe Gaiter: What does football mean to you?
Steve Dieckhaus: Football is my life, I am in the best place when I’m on the field, I love this game. I revolve everything I do around being the best player possible for this sport, it is not just a game to me but a lifestyle.
Joe Gaiter:What are some things that you learned from your college football experience at Washburn?
Steve Dieckhaus: I believe that in college I have learned a lot about the X’s and O’s of football. I learned a lot fronts and blitzes. Being one of two seniors on the offense and having a rotation at QB the entire year, I learned how to lead a football team and make calls off of blitzes to deal with protection and different run schemes. I matured as not only a person but a player through college.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss most about playing at Washburn?
Steve Dieckhaus: I my miss teammates the most.
Joe Gaiter:What are the keys to playing good at your position?
Steve Dieckhaus: As a center you have to be vocal and smart, more than other positions on the O-Line. As an O-Linemen you need play low, quick, and most importantly over everything PHYSICAL. I think that at the next level the thing that sets people apart is technique. Everyone is obviously bigger faster and stronger, what sets the good from great is how smart you are able to play, not only with learning plays, calls, blitzes etc. but your techniques, studying film on yourself along with opponents.
Joe Gaiter:What do you have to offer an NFL team?
Steve Dieckhaus: Great attitude, I’m ready to start playing, ready to start making an impact to a team. Iv got strong faith, discipline and my attitude is contagious. I think that I will be able to not only make an impact on the field but off of the field.
Joe Gaiter:Why should an NFL team draft you?
Steve Dieckhaus: I’m willing to do whatever it takes, I’m relentless! I’m ready now. I learn quickly, and you’re not going to want to play against me.
Joe Gaiter:Do you have a backup plan if you don’t get drafted?
Steve Dieckhaus: Having a plan “b” is only distraction from plan “A”.
Joe Gaiter:What player in the NFL has your style of play?
Steve Dieckhaus: Richie Incognito
Joe Gaiter:What are your biggest strengths on the field?
Steve Dieckhaus: Physicality, quickness and my knowledge of the game
Joe Gaiter: How do you plan on giving back to the community after you get drafted?
Steve Dieckhaus: That’s a life goal, to impact others through this game and my faith. I want to help kids in need, I want to coach, run camps, share my experience and knowledge.
Joe Gaiter: Do you feel that you are at your best?
Steve Dieckhaus: Absolutely, I came off a dominating senior year, and I have made gains this off season in my strength and speed already. I can’t wait to feel the gains I have made on the field this coming year.
Joe Gaiter:What is your motivation for playing football?
Steve Dieckhaus: I want to be a professional at what is my passion. I want to know that I am great and play at the highest level possible at what I am doing. Like I said this is my life, I will leave my mark on this game, by the time I am done.
Joe Gaiter: Do you think your hard work will pay off?
Steve Dieckhaus: Yes! I’m excited to show case myself and abilities, to show off all the hard work iv been putting in.
Joe Gaiter: What do you want your football legacy to be?
Steve Dieckhaus: I want to known as a go to guy that can always deliver when his number is called. I want people to know that I never take plays off and I want to play each play as physical as possible. I want to be known as a nasty, relentless, physical SOB.