Small school star Allen Bonner interviews.

Horace Warren: Where are you from and were you raised in a sports household?
Alan Bonner: Im from Newnan, Ga born and raised there. I come from a very sports oriented family that has always followed my career heavily
Horace Warren: When did you first start playing football?
Alan Bonner: I started out playing flag football at the age of 5 and started youth recreational ball at 10 yrs of age.
Horace Warren: Your sophomore year JSU went on the road and knocked off Ole Miss (2 rec td). How does that make you feel knowing that you were a part of one of the biggest wins in JSU history?
Alan Bonner: Beating Ole Miss was just the beginning of things. It was an amazing feeling to play that level of competition and actually knock that team off. I also almost had another huge upset my freshman yr against Florida St. We played them close also but couldn’t pull it out.

Horace Warren: This past season you had a real good year.
Alan Bonner: One game that really sticks out to me was your game against UT-Martin. As a sports fan it was one of the best performances by a receiver I have seen (10 rec, 235 yards, 5 tds). Can you describe to me how you felt during and after that game? – Yea this game was by far one of my best games of my entire career. I came into that game with a chip on my shoulder and just relaxed and let the game come to me. That was my motive the entire game and it worked into my success. After the game i just wanted to know what the stat sheet read because based off the expressions from the fans it was a great game and performance.
Horace Warren: Let’s pretend its game day, what music do you have playing in your headphones to get you ready?
Alan Bonner: Lets see, Im a big T.I. and Young Jeezy fan so i like to hear some good motivational songs that can get my mind and head to bob a little. I need my music to hit me and stick as I go out to compete.
Horace Warren: What will you miss most about JSU?
Alan Bonner: I miss my teammates most of all and I miss my friends there. I also miss the whole game day atmosphere and the fans.

Horace Warren:How are you preparing for your pro-day and for the NFL combine?
Alan Bonner: I have been combine training in Boca Raton FL with XPE sports. Its been a great experience to train with some of the best athletes from all over and also get coached up on wide receiver tips from Hall of Famer Cris Carter! There a lot of pro athletes that off season train out here so its just a good look.
Horace Warren: I know you play wide receiver, as well as returning punts and kickoffs. What else do you think you have to offer to an NFL team?
Alan Bonner: Alongside of my wide receiver and returning skills I am available and determined to play any position asked at the next level. Special teams is big at the next level and I’m going to do what it takes to make the team.
Horace Warren: Do you have a backup plan if you don’t get drafted?
Alan Bonner: Alongside of my wide receiver and returning skills I am available and determined to play any position asked at the next If ball doesnt work out, I plan to go into coaching and I want to also become an athletic director some day.
Horace Warren: What do you want your football legacy to be?
Alan Bonner: I would love to go down as one of the greatest players to play the game. Making the Hall of Fame isn’t easy to come by but that is my long term goal.