Joe Gaiter:What will you miss most about playing at East Carolina?’

Michael Brooks: The fans, I love the fans that ECU has, I never been to a (away) game without ECU being represented in the stands.

Joe Gaiter:How will you stand out coming from a school like East Carolina?

Michael Brooks: I will stand out because I know what hard work is, being the underdog in almost every game gives me a different edge than other players.

Joe Gaiter:You are projected to get drafted based on your speed and strength. What exercises do you do to continue to get better?

Michael Brooks: Mostly dynamic warm-ups is what I try to focus on during my training.

Joe Gaiter:What do you have to offer an NFL team?

Michael Brooks: What I have to offer to an NFL team is my hard work and dedication to the team, I have great speed and quickness but I feel my work ethic will be the thing that carries me for a long time in the NFL.

Joe Gaiter: What do you want your football legacy to be?

Michael Brooks: I want to be known as one of the best defensive linemen to play.

Joe Gaiter:What are some things that you learned from your college football experience?

Michael Brooks: One of the things that I have learned from college football is the next play mentality don’t let anyone one play or situation get you down, or mess up the next play.

Joe Gaiter: Why should an NFL team draft you?

Michael Brooks:A NFL team should draft me because I would be one of the hardest working and physically gifted players that they would have.