JOE GAITER: What is your motivation For playing football?

JORY JOHNSON: I want to be a great player. I’ve been an athlete all my life.I also love the game of football and I love competing. The atmosphere in the stadium is unbelievable.

JOE GAITER: What will you miss most about playing at UCONN?

JORY JOHNSON:Playing with all my teammates that have been with me during my time there. We did everything together from winter workouts,
spring ball, staying up there during the summer to work out for the season to all the time we spent during preseason camp. Those guys became like my family away from home.

JOE GAITER: As a Captain of the UCONN Huskies football team you took your team to victories. As a leader what can you offer the next team you play for?

JORY JOHNSON:Being a leader through my actions on and off the field. I’m a very hard worker and very dedicated to anything I put a lot of time and effort into. The next team I play for will get 100%. Whether I am watching extra film on my own time or getting extra workouts in, hopefully I will be able to bring others along with me through my actions and I will do whatever I need to do to make my team better and help us win.

JOE GAITER: What do you have to offer an NFL team?

JORY JOHNSON:Production. I am a very intelligent player. I’m more athletic than people give me credit for. I am a fierce competitor on the field. I was very productive at UConn and I believe I can make it in the NFL. I can also play special teams. I did that throughout my career in college and I feel I can offer that to an NFL team. I can play linebacker and contribute on special teams.

JOE GAITER: What are some things that you learned from your college football experience?

JORY JOHNSON:Nothing worth having comes easy. Anything that you want to be you have to work hard for. I also learned that if you put the time and effort into anything, you will have positive results. It will not always be easy, but just keep working.

JOE GAITER:What will you miss most about your school?

JORY JOHNSON:Hanging out with all my teammates and friends that I met while I was at UConn. I had some great times with them.

JOE GAITER: What are the keys for someone to successfully playing LB?

JORY JOHNSON:Pre-snap reads that comes from film study. You can’t be thinking to try and defend every single play an offense has in their playbook before every snap. You’ll play slow. Seeing the personnel on the field and the guys the offense puts in certain positions is important. When you see who’s on the field that you’ve watched on film, it eliminates some of the plays that are potentially coming at you which will make you play that much faster. You also have to be physical. Physical play at linebacker will always lead to success.

JOE GAITER:What player in the NFL has your style of play?

JORY JOHNSON:I would say Wesley Woodyard of the Denver Broncos. I’m kind of similar size to him. He does not have “prototypical size” but is very productive and is always around the ball during the game.

JOE GAITER: Do you have a backup plan if you don’t get drafted?

JORY JOHNSON:I received my degree in Economics in December from UConn so I hope to work in a large company in the business department. I would also like to still work in sports on the business side like ESPN or for a sports organization hopefully.

JOE GAITER: What are your biggest strengths on the field?

JORY JOHNSON:My intelligence. I can see things develop quickly and it put me in position to make a lot of plays. I am also very physical. I have clips of me punching lineman, getting off the blocks and making tackles. I am also a very good tackler. I can also contribute on special teams.