Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Kyle Padron: In general as a player I think my leadership skills are my biggest strength. I am good at rallying the troops and getting everyone to come together. I am good with communication on the sidelines with my teammates and I help the team get better and win whatever it takes. I have earned the trust of teammates. I listen and talk to teammates and overall I feel I am a very good leader. I am still learning how to become a great leader as I work on everything to become a better overall player and person.

Scott Porter: What goals do you have for yourself in the NFL?

Kyle Padron: You know since I was young I wanted to be a starting QB in the NFL. I always busted my tail to get to the point I am at today. I have always worked hard for everything I have gotten. It is crazy to think that the time is finally here. I feel I have put myself into a good situation. I want to contribute in anyway possible to make a team better and win football games. That could be playing or on the sidelines or whatever I am asked to do. I just want to contribute to a team.

Scott Porter: What factors led you to declare as a Junior?

Kyle Padron: I feel like I was ready. I thought about the good stuff I have accomplishment in college. A lot of factors led to my decision. I feel like I put up good numbers and really showed to the scouts what I am capable of doing. I am confident and feel I stack up well from throw to throw. I am looking forward to competing at the top level and I am very excited about the challenge. I felt I came off a very good Sophomore season at SMU and just continued to get better each year. I learned a lot. I had a lot of starting experience as I started as a Freshmen at SMU before I went to Eastern Washington. I feel I have accomplished a lot and I am ready for the next step. I stacked myself up against the QB’s in this years draft and felt it was a good time for me to make the leap to the NFL.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about college football?

Kyle Padron: That is a tough question. . I hear the NFL is more of a cut throat business. It will be harder to develop those relationships. In college you are guaranteed 4 years and in the NFL your time can last one week or 12 years and so on. It just depends on the situation and how someone sees you. In college you are playing with your best friends and in the NFL there is a lot of uncertainty of going to a team. There isn’t that same comfort level at first from what I hear. You have to adapt to the situation and every situation can be much better. It just depends on the opportunity you get and where you get it and how you take advantage of what that situation may be.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest accomplishment from a football stand point?

Kyle Padron: I think winning the Hawaii bowl was huge for me and my teammates. That was the first bowl win for our school in 25 years I believe. That was really big for the entire school as well as the program. After that win the application rates went up at SMU. At Eastern Washington I was able to share my story. I was able to share my struggles and my success and my faith. Sharing what I have been through on and off the field and helping others is very meaningful to me.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?

Kyle Padron: I am a home body off the field. I am not a big partier. I like to hang out with friends. I like to watch movies. I play NCAA and hang out with my buddies from high school or college whenever I am back home.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing the QB position?

Kyle Padron: For me personally, this past year going into a new school and trying to establish leadership on the team from the QB position. It was tough because you don’t want to step on people’s feet when doing it. I had to ween myself into the role. I had to make myself a good on the team and learn how to take over as a leader because I was not there the previous season. With the QB spot comes the tough times when your team struggles. You are often criticized and you hear a lot of boo birds and are looked at to blame. You see the good and the bad when playing the QB spot. You can go from getting a lot glory one game to a lot of boo’s the next. You learn how to fight through that.

Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to the most about your opportunity in the NFL?

Kyle Padron: I am looking forward to that platform I will have. I love the game but everything that comes with it can be really rewarding. Being able to support a family is what I am looking forward to the most but I am also looking forward to giving back. I am looking forward to been active with the Children’s hospital. I have always wanted to be part of that and volunteer. I have been active with those but I want to become even more active. You go there and see these children who have terminally ill diseases and it wakes you up a bit. You remember that when times get tough for you, understand it could be much worse. I have volunteered at the Children’s hospital before and you just let them know you are there for them. These guys look up to you. Anything you can offer to these kids is big to them. You see what an impact a guy like a Lebron James or Kobe Bryant can have on young kids and it makes your realize what a role an athlete can play in someone’s life. I am looking to share the grace and glory of god.

Scott Porter: Who has been the biggest impact in your life?

Kyle Padron: The greatest impact in my life has come from my parents. They have an incredible strength that I hope to match when I have a family of my own. Looking back to where my family was when I was younger to now is pretty crazy. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing family.

Scott Porter: What advice would you have for a an incoming college player?

Kyle Padron: I would tell an incoming college student to embrace every opportunity they get and don’t take them for granted. Work hard on the practice field, film and weight rooms because there are plenty of kids who would die to be in their spot and playing ball on Saturdays.

Scott Porter: Other than football what are other aspirations you have?

Kyle Padron: I actually plan to stay involved in the game and become a coach. I want to coach in college when my playing career ends and pick up as much as I can before becoming a head coach at a Texas high school.