Albert Elias was a fantastic guy; there is no other way to describe the way Albert treated his clients and those around him. He was always smiling and happy to talk about football and how football translated to life. He treated everyone with kindness and respect, and he will not soon be forgotten.

His mark will be all over the Senior Bowl with players like Missouri Southern’s Brandon Williams and Southeastern Louisiana’s Robert Alford. I spoke to him a few days ago and he was very excited because he had received word the he got Catawba College’s Jumal Rolle into the Raycom College Football All-Star Classic, the Texas vs. the Nation Game or the East West Shrine Game. He was so happy and proud of his guys, and it was obvious that he loved them.

Make no mistake; Albert was helping young men make their way through life, teaching them along the way. His sudden passing leaves a hole in the lives of so many, but Albert’s legacy is of a man who worked tirelessly to help kids navigate through the difficult waters of all things NFL.

Elias was an innovator, an agent who worked to remove “offset language” from the contract of 2012 first-rounder Michael Brockers. It was a big deal to get a contract done that allows for Brockers (if he gets cut) to sign with another team, and still collect the full amount due him from his original team, in addition to the salary from his new team.

Fellow Elias Sports Management agent Mike Walker had this to say about Albert.

“Albert Elias was not only the President of Elias Sports, he was a friend, he was a true friend. He was an innovator in contract negotiation, as you can tell with his offset language for [Michael] Brockers’ contract. It set a precedent this year. He did things the right way, the Christian way. He taught me how do things the Christian way and how to treat people. I also taught him things. I’ve been in the business for 21 years and he’s been in the business for 16 years. This year, it was magic. He was like a kid in a candy store with his first first-rounder. He did things how things should be done, and how the sport agent business should be. The sports agent world has lost a great person. A lot of times that word gets thrown around and loses its value, but this is the first time in my life that I can say it actually and truly fits the person. Tonight my heart is so heavy. You’re thinking it’s a dream and just want to wake up. Albert with that scratchy voice, his joy of life, his everything, his passion for the sports agent business was impeccable. Tonight I say goodbye to my friend. Tonight I say rest in peace my friend. I know you will be in heaven negotiating contracts for God. I love you my friend.”

I would like to offer condolences to Albert’s family, his friends and his clients.