I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mississippi State CB Corey Broomfield to discuss his career at Mississippi State and the future ahead. Corey has been a starter since his Freshmen season. Listen to what Corey says as he prepares himself for the NFL Draft in April.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Corey Broomfield: I believe that my greatest strengths include my physical style that I bring. I feel that I am more physical than your average cornerback. I also posses great ball skills and know where to be on the field.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL level?

Corey Broomfield: I just want to prove that I am good enough to make it to the NFL and make an impact. I want to be a starter as soon as possible. I want to prove to everyone that I can be a starter at the next level. A goal of mine is to make it to the Pro Bowl and contribute day in and day out in a positive way.

Scott Porter: Is there a player in the NFL that reminds you of yourself?

Corey Broomfield: I would say Asante Samuel of the Falcons. He is a bit small and has a great heart. He is very physical and good ball skills. He always has his hands on the ball.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing the cornerback position.

Corey Broomfield: I think it is similar to the QB position, every time you do something great people praise you and think you’re great, but one little mistake and people are quick to point the finger and criticize you.

Scott Porter: What are your greatest accomplishments while at Mississippi State?

Corey Broomfied: I would say making Freshmen All-American team was a great accomplishment of mine. I also had a school record for interceptions in a single season. One of the biggest team accomplishments was going to Florida and beating the Gators in Gainesville. I grew up in Florida so that was a great feeling. To win in the swamp is a big accomplishment.

Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to the most about your opportunity in the NFL?

Corey Broomfield: Just living my dream. I have always wanted to play at the highest level. I am looking forward to competing with players at the highest level who play the game for a living. The NFL level is the best way to see where you stand with your football talent. Someone asked me the other day if I would play football for free. I told them, I have been for 22 years now. It will be nice to be compensated for something I love.

Scott Porter: How has playing in the SEC prepared you for the NFL level?

Corey Broomfield: That is an easy question. I am playing against NFL caliber players week in and week out so I have gotten the chance to test my skill set often. I have faced off against a lot of WR’s who are now in the NFL having great success. The SEC is like D-League. Players come and go from the SEC that find success in the NFL. I have experience playing against tough competition. The SEC has oodles of players that I have faced who are now in the league.

Scott Porter: Your brother Deon plays at Iowa State. How has he helped you get to where you are today?

Corey Broomfield: I always measured my ability against my brothers growing up. We used each other as a measuring stick. I always wanted to be better than him and he always wanted to be better than me. We were both very competitive and brought out the best in each other. In high school we played with each other and pushed each other, and although now we are on different teams that continues today. We text before and after games and stay supportive of each other. We both put our best foot forward and it has been a lot of fun having each other.

Scott Porter: What are your hobbies off the field?

Corey Broomfield: I am engaged so I spent as much time with my girl as possible. If I am not with her I am usually playing video games. I play NCAA all the time and she hates it.