Joe Gaiter: Who is Reggie Sandilands?

Reggie Sandilands: I’m just Reggie, and anyone you ask will tell you the same, I’m a student first in the classroom but also in the film room, my passion for football is like no other. For me football has been my vehicle and a safe haven for me. It’s taken me places I could have never imagined. I’m just blessed to be in the position I’m in right now. I mean I started so far from the bottom I couldn’t even see the top. I just thank God for allowing me just to have the chance to live out my dream, because there’s so many that cant.

Joe Gaiter: How will you prove yourself on the field?

Reggie Sandilands: On the field ill prove myself through hard work and dedication. For me it’s simple, “what you put in is what you get out”. I know it’s going to be a challenge at the next level, but I’m ready for it.

Joe Gaiter: What goals do you have for the NFL?

Reggie Sandilands: As of now I haven’t set any goals, I try and take this whole process one day at a time, focusing on the right now, my goal right now is to become a professional football player, by any means.

Joe Gaiter: What is the hardest part about playing your position?

Reggie Sandilands: The hardest part about playing linebacker is fighting off those big linemen. Sometimes come up against those big guys who can move and they can be a real problem all day.

Joe Gaiter: How will you elevate your skills to a NFL level?

Reggie Sandilands: In order for me to elevate my skills to a NFL level it’s going to take a lot of hard work and learning from veterans. Talking to guys already in the NFL they always tell me playing in the NFL is 90% mental and 10% physical, so becoming a student of the game is going to be key in order to elevate my game.

Joe Gaiter: What are some of your accomplishments?

Reggie Sandilands Through my career I accomplished many things along the way. I won a state championship in high school, was crowned conference champs in college, and also made all-conference three times year in year out. But what I’m the most proud about is me earning my degree in education. For me this was big because it’s something that my family and I take great pride in, being that I was the first to do it.

Joe Gaiter: What are your biggest strengths on the field?

Reggie Sandilands: My biggest strengths on the field start in the film room. I watch tons of film which gives me an advantage when I’m on the field. I recognize plays before they start. It’s almost as if I’m in the offenses huddle sometimes. This not only strengthens my play but my team’s outcome.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss the most about playing at Bethune–Cookman University?

Reggie Sandilands: Just the atmosphere itself is what I’m going to miss the most about playing at BCU. Anybody who follows BCU football knows about the “Legacy Walk”. Getting off the bus and seeing all the fans surrounding us as we walk to the stadium gives me chills in my body to this day, or hearing the announcer say my name after a big play, and not to mention the band and the 14k dancers.

Joe Gaiter: Who has been your biggest influence in your football career?

Reggie Sandilands: it’s crazy every time I do an interview this question comes up, but for me the biggest influence during my football career has been my family. Growing up I watched the ladies of my life (mom, sister) struggle, seeing that gave me the motivation to go right when my friend where going left. Knowing that I had the power to change this influenced me to stay focus on the task at hand, because I knew that if I stayed on track that I could one day turn rough times into a pretty situation.

Joe Gaiter: Who in the NFL has your style of play?

Reggie Sandilands: It’s hard to pick just one person’s style of play that I might resemble, but I would have to say Clay Mathews or Patrick Willis. Those two guys stay around the ball, and make big play but more importantly their leaders of their teams.