Brett Roy is one of the hardest working hard nosed players in this up coming draft. Brett has been viewed by many to be a versatile player who can line up at many positions including defensive end, defensive tackle and even linebacker. His skill set and high motor reminds me a lot of Ravens OLB Jarrett Johnson. Read more about Brett Roy in my interview with him below.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Brett Roy: First off I have a great motor. I play with a high motor and never give up on a play. I bring a lot of energy to the field and am very tenacious. I think my physicality is a great strength of mine. I credit all of my success because of my ability to last longer and because of my strength. I go to the whistle on every play.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Brett Roy: Initially my goal is to make a team. I want to get drafted and make a roster but even if you’re drafted nothing is guaranteed. What matters is what you do on the field. My goal is to work hard and work my way into a rotation and help out on special teams. I want to work hard enough to become a starter.

Scott Porter: Is there a player in the NFL that reminds you of yourself?

Brett Roy: There are quite a few but a few that come to mind are Brian Cushing of the Houston Texans and Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings. Both play with high motors and have an attack style which I think I resemble. They both have a great head for the quarterback. I model my game after both of those guys.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest accomplishments?

Brett Roy: For me personally the biggest honor was being named team captain in 2011 by my teammates. Second to that was when we won the WAC Championship in 2010 after beating Boise State. I was also named first team All American in Sports Illustrated. That was humbling to me to be on a list with so many great players. It was great because everything I’ve worked for the last 10 years starting coming together. Being named to that team showed the public what I was capable of doing.

Scott Porter: What type of person is an NFL team getting in Brett Roy?

Brett Roy: I bring an aspect to the team of accountability. I bring great work ethic that I feel that many young guys do not have. There is a want in me that I don’t think most people truly have in them. I feel what really separates me from other players is what I do away from the ball. A lot of people will take the play off if the ball is not around them, but I am always working hard to get into the play on each down. I feel I do certain things away from the ball that others may not do to help me team. A team will be getting a tenacious player who is a great leader through my actions. If I don’t play up to my standard I am the first to admit it and do whatever I need to do to improve.

Scott Porter: You were invited to the NFL combine. What did that mean to you?

Brett Roy: Outside of being recognized as one of the top 300 players it was a great honor to me. It was a blessing to be selected to participate in the combine. It proved my worth to teams that I have worked hard enough to earn this. It will be a great platform to separate myself and help me answer questions about my game in front of NFL orginzations. It is truly an honor to be here. After growing up hearing and watching the combine it is amazing to know that now I will be there. It is the start to everything for me.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?

Brett Roy: I love the outdoors. I like to hunt and fish. I like hanging out with my friends. I have become a big movie fanatic. I have recently started reading a lot. Right now I am into reading thrillers and suspense books as well as drama. It is a great escape outside of just watching TV in my spare time and a way to connect with people outside of football.

Scott Porter: What are you looking forward to the most about your opportunity in the NFL?

Brett Roy: The opportunity to keep playing the game I love. Knowing I have an opportunity very few have. This is the game we all love. Sure there is money involved but I play to win and be the best possible player and person I can be. There is nothing better than winning as a team. I am looking forward to being part of a new family. I am looking forward from the transition from my Nevada family to my new NFL family.

Scott Porter: What do you feel is the toughest part about playing your position?

Brett Roy: The ongoing battler every play that the position requires. In the trenches you can’t take a play off because you will get exploited. You’re using your full body max every play. A DL doesn’t take plays off like many may think. You have the biggest guys coming after you trying to block you and each and every player requires all of your physical strength. The position takes great mental aspect because the DL can’t get away with anything. If you make mistakes you have to make up for it and give max effort each and every game and play. They say games are won in the trenches and I feel that is very true. The physical part that goes on in the trenches is a major outcome in winning and losing.