Joe Gaiter: Who is Lanny Kelly III?

Lanny Kelly III: Depends on who you talk to. to my family I am the last male Kelly yet the first to graduate college. To my former bison teammates I am the ball hawk. To my daughter I am the best father and to myself I am my greatest competition and biggest obstacle to overcome. Only I can stop myself from reaching my maximum potential.

Joe Gaiter: How will you prove yourself on the field?

Lanny Kelly III: The same way I’ve had to prove myself throughout life, staying focused on my task, carrying out my job and not worrying about others, taking criticism as coaching and a means to be and do better and not as down talk, and by giving my all the time. Show up when I am supposed to not when I want to.

Joe Gaiter: What are your goals for the NFL?

Lanny Kelly III: My goals for the NFL are to take what little knowledge I have and continue to learn how to be the best cornerback and football player possible. Being the best at whatever I need to be to whatever team needs or wants me, and to take advantage of every opportunity given because an opportunity lost is never regained.

Joe Gaiter: What are some of your accomplishments?

Lanny Kelly III: Some of my accomplishments are getting my degree before continuing to chase my NFL dreams and also making the all-conference team. I was invited to an HBCU All-star game and became one of the top pass defending corners in FCS though this year is the first year I have actually gotten to play my natural position.

Joe Gaiter: What are your biggest strengths?

Lanny Kelly III: My biggest strengths on the field are my patient yet quick feet, and being able to focus on playing smart so I am in a position to make a play and letting my athletic ability and ball skills handle the rest.

Joe Gaiter: What is the hardest thing about playing cornerback?

Lanny Kelly III: The hardest part about playing cornerback aside from playing most of the game back pedaling is having to react to wide receivers who already know their route and the play. As a corner we cannot guess and there is very little margin for error if any, we have to stay true to and trust our technique.

Joe Gaiter: How will you elevate your skills to a NFL level?

Lanny Kelly III: I will elevate my skills to a NFL level by always looking for coaching points on ways to better myself mentally as well as technique wise. Also, by never becoming complacent with where I’m at knowing there is always room for growth and improvement.

Joe Gaiter: What will you miss about playing at Howard University?

Lanny Kelly III: What I will miss the most about playing at Howard University is the bond I have with my teammates, it’s hard to be a bison and we have to work even harder to get the world to see that Howard football should be taken as serious as our education being that we are The Mecca of HBCU’s

Joe Gaiter: What has been your biggest motivation?

Lanny Kelly III: My cousin who foot steps I followed in has been my biggest motivation and my reason to why I wanted to play college football and have NFL dreams .My dad has been my greatest influence and biggest supporter, even being considered “smaller” for my position. My dad always had faith that I could and would make my mark in whatever I chose to do. He’s never influenced my decision only given his honest opinion and supported whatever decision I have made.

Joe Gaiter: What NFL player has your style of play?

Lanny Kelly III: I think the NFL player who has my style of play is champ bailey, very good cover corner with ball skills. I’m not a big hitter but I am a good tackler.

Joe Gaiter: How are you giving back to the community?

Lanny Kelly III: I already give back to the community by being a group leader at the Terrance Kelly Youth Foundation ( I plan on taking over this foundation one day and expanding it.