What are your biggest strengths?

Danny Dembry: I would say that my biggest strengths are being a humble and determined young man. I truly believe that by having faith in God this will help all of my dreams to come true.

Scott Porter: What was your favorite part being a member of the Wake Forest football team?

Danny Dembry: My favorite part of being a member of the Wake Forest football team would have to be the bound that I gathered from my teammates. Most coaches often preach about the team being a close family and here at Wake Forest University we were just that. The relationships outweigh everything else especially those within my graduating class “king deacs” (name we had given ourselves since we arrived on campus 4 ½ years ago). Over the years we have grown closer and I believe it will continue to grow as we head our separate ways.

Scott Porter: What are your expectations of yourself as we move forward and you continue your football career?

Danny Dembry: My expectation for myself as I move forward with football career would be to play in the NFL. Playing in the NFL has always been a long term dream of mine and now its only months from happening or not happening.

Scott Porter: Having fellow WR Chris Givens along side of you in the receiving corps at Wake Forest how did that help you?

Danny Dembry: Having Chris was a big help for me as well as the rest of the receiving corps. We knew that most teams would double him leaving us one-on-one backside and we tried to take advantage of that as much as possible.

Scott Porter: What is the toughest part about playing the WR position?

Danny Dembry: The toughest part about playing WR would be the chemistry between you and your QB. Being a high school QB I understand the relationship from both sides and if things aren’t in tack then it will look like a complete mess on the field.

Scott Porter: What will be the toughest challenge in the NFL in your opinion?

Danny Dembry: The toughest challenge in the NFL in my opinion would be the mental aspect of the game. The physical aspect of the game comes naturally, once on the field. As far as the mental aspect once, NFL is a business and the quicker you adopt the smoother your transition will be.

Scott Porter: What is your favorite memory or memories while playing football at Wake Forest?

Danny Dembry: Over the years I have had a number of memories; however my favorite would have to be this past year after a game early in the season during a postgame interview Coach Grobe spoke such highly of me. He’s a guy who doesn’t like to praise his players so for him to do that meant a lot to me.

Scott Porter: What is something that most people don’t know about Danny Dembry?

Danny Dembry : Other than my teammates and friends most people don’t know that I’m a decent basketball player, baseball player, track athletic and a passionate fan as well of all sports. I am a true all round sportsmen.

Scott Porter: What will you be doing this offseason to prepare yourself for your shot in the NFL?

Danny Dembry: After a short break and rest for my body I plan to train day and night and get prepared for pro day on March 19 at Wake Forest University.