The NFL Draft cannot be complete without the New Era Scouting NFL Draft guide at your fingertips! Pre-order the guide before April 1st for only $25.00.

What’s included?

– A complete seven-round mock draft for the 2011 Draft
– Rankings of the top 500 2012 NFL Draft prospects
– In depth scouting reports of the top 200 NFL Draft prospects
– A strengths/weakness summary of players 200-500
– Seven round value board- know who’s slotted to go where
– Complete break down of all 32 team needs with free agents
– 2013 and 2014 Draft Rankings
– Exclusive interviews
– Xs and Os break down of NFL and NCAA offenses
– “Scouting Bible” tells you what we look for in each position

(Guide will be emailed in PDF format on or before April 24th, 2012)



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