One of the best in the country, Jared Crick has the look of a first-round prospect. Check out Ray Dahlke’s in-depth look at Nebraska’s defensive tackle.
Jared Crick | DT | Nebraska
6’6” 285lbs
Pass Rush
As a pass rusher, Crick is very blah. While he gets off the snap on time, he doesn’t possess a real quick first step and doesn’t possess a wide variety of pass rush moves although he does have a decent inside rip move to collapse the pocket. He tries to bull rush offensive lineman but he doesn’t keep good pad level and is often stymied at the line of scrimmage. He uses his hands well and keeps the blocker’s hands off of him but he still fails to consistently win as a pass rusher.
While he doesn’t possess great athleticism, he does possess great pursuit and has a very high motor. The play isn’t over until the referee says the ball-carrier is down and he never gives up on plays. He’ll chase running plays from the backside and will get out to the sidelines on screen passes.
Crick is far from the most explosive defensive lineman in this class. His first step is average and his lack of quickness doesn’t allow him to shoot gaps. While he’s not the greatest athlete, he at times flashes some decent lateral agility but not enough to get you overly excited.
Run Defend
He is overall a plus run defender but he still has some flaws he needs to work on in this aspect. He is usually able to get his long arms extended on contact and keeps the blocker off, but after that point he fails to disengage from the defender as often as you would like. He also needs to keep his pad level lower as run blockers are able to get into him and drive him down the line.
Jared could stand to improve his strength a bit and certainly has the frame to add on more weight. With the added weight, he may lose the athleticism he does possess. If he ever learns to play with leverage he would add a lot more playing power to his game.
Crick is a very sure tackler and will rarely miss. He takes good angles to the ball and wraps the ball-carrier up with his long arms. If he could improve on one thing, it would be to try and strip the football when he gets the chance to do so.
He shows really nice hand placement in both the run and pass game and he uses his hands well but he needs to stay lower in both phases of the game as well. He gets pushed around more than you would like. Learning some pass rush moves would lead to more wins in the passing game.

Final Word
Jared Crick was the guy tapped to replace Ndamukong Suh as the dominant force on the Husker defensive line and you can’t argue with his production. In his first two years as a starter he totaled 19 sacks to go along with 32 tackles for loss and 26 QB hurries. Even before the injury his senior year, he just wasn’t the dominant player he was during his 28 starts as a sophomore and junior totaling 1 sack and 3 tackles for loss in the five games he played. He also got routinely worked by one of the best guards in this year’s draft in Kevin Zeitler as well as arguably the best junior center in the nation in Peter Konz in the Wisconsin game. If he could just learn to play with more leverage, he could very well be a force to be reckoned with. Either way, I don’t see him being able to play on the inside in the NFL or on the outside in a 4-3. His best bet is to play as a 5-technique in a 3-4 scheme.