Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

Bobby Rainey: I feel that my greatest strengths are my quickness, my vision and my knowledge of the game. Knowing my assignments and getting that edge on the opposing team because of my smarts and instincts.

Scott Porter: What are your goals for the rest of your career?

Bobby Rainey: My number one goal right now is to win the Sun-Belt Championship for the first time ever. That is really my main focus at this point and time.

Scott Porter. What NFL player do you model your game after?

Bobby Rainey: Former Detroit Lions RB Barry Sanders. He was so quick and he had the ability to score every time he touched the ball. He had amazing footwork and visions as well as knowledge. That is the guy who I inspire to become. We have similar traits I feel but I try and pick stuff up from his game to make myself a great RB.

Scott Porter: What would you tell an NFL team interested in drafting Bobby Rainey?

Bobby Rainey: They are getting a blue collar guy who loves to work hard to reach his potential. I will always improve on making myself a better player. I am also a good person who will help a team in any way I am called upon.

Scott Porter: What do you feel are your greatest football accomplishments?

Bobby Rainey: I would say being on the list for mention of the Doak Walker and Maxwell awards are accomplishments that mean a lot to me. I was also voted offensive player in the year in my conference as a JR and hope to win it again this year.

Scott Porter: What hobbies do you have off the field?

Bobby Rainey: I like to play PS3. Love playing NCAA football on there. I like going to the driving range. I like to play tennis. Tennis is my favorite sport away from football. I also play a lot of basketball.

Scott Porter: What will you miss most about college football?

Bobby Rainey: Just the experience in general. This is a once in a lifetime thing and I have really enjoyed it. I will miss being around the players on the locker room on and off the field. I will miss the laugher and good times we have shared together. I will miss the entire program in general. I will miss the fans, the coaches, my teammates, everything. I have seen a lot of things while at Western Kentucky as well as been to a lot of places I’d have never gotten the chances to without being here. I have been through the ups and downs of winning and losing. You always hate that feeling of losing but when you win it is a very special feeling. I met a lot of funny coaches and players while at Western Kentucky. There were a lot of characters here and I will miss that a lot.

Scott Porter: What do you feel will be the toughest adjustment from the college level to the NFL level?

Bobby Rainey: I hear the speed of the game is one adjustment that is tough to make at first. You go from high school to college and there is a huge difference in speed of the game and now from college to pro will be that much more difficult. You have to adjust your body because you are going against bigger and faster guys. You are playing the best of the best week in and week out. Everyday you step onto that field you have to be giving 100% because noting less is going to create success for you.

Scott Porter: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your career?

Bobby Rainey: My mother without a doubt. She has always been there to support me. She always pushed me to do well in the classroom but she never pushed me to play football. She never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do, but she always supported me and encouraged me. She always taught me that my classroom work came first and was the most important thing in my life. She always made sure I was on top of those things. I also want to give thanks to my lord savior Jesus Christ. Without the lord none of this would be possible. All the glory goes to him.