Wednesdays Watchers


Every Wednesday after the college football week, we give you the biggest winners and losers from that past week, who helped their draft stock the most, and who hurt their stock the most.

Week 5

1 Melvin Ingram- DE South Carolina

I know people have been have talking about Ingram for weeks, as he has been just an absolute beast so far this year, but I wasn’t sold on him until Saturday. He had a few fluky touchdowns early in the season which people jumped all over, but this week it wasn’t about Ingram jumping on a loose fumble in the endzone, or scoring on a fake punt. Saturday against Auburn, he abused the Tigers offensive line, and looked like an NFL Pass Rusher. He displayed power, speed, and explosion, but what really impressed me was his technique. Swim moves, Rip Moves, Bull Rush, he did it all, and did it well. He has very versatile size at 6-4 275, and could fit in a number of different schemes. He’s vaulted himself into the mid-to-late 1st round range.

2 Mohamed Sanu- WR Rutgers

Truly one of the most underrated players in the country. Sanu has been a favorite of mine for a while now, as he is definitely the most versatile athlete in football. He has played Cornerback, Safety, Running Back and Receiver for Rutgers at 6-2 220 with blazing speed. Now locked in at receiver he has really emerged to be a dominant player, who defenses cannot stop. He is averaging over 10 catches a game, including a game of 13, and then a record 16 catches, with 5 TD’s, and 2 sick One-Handed Catches. Sanu has the size, the speed, the hands, I just love this guy, and I don’t know why more people don’t!

3 A.J Jenkins- WR Illinois

A.J Jenkins opened up his mouth before the season saying “1,000-plus yards, 10-plus touchdowns and around 80 catches. So, I’m ready to have a real big year this year.” And now he’s proving that those numbers likely not even high enough. This past weekend in the Illini’s comeback win over Northwestern to stay undefeated, A.J Jenkins carried the team on his back as he went off for 12 Catches 268 Yards, and 3 TD’s. Truly a dominating performance, which scouts and GM’s no doubt paid attention to. In an extremely deep receiver class, Jenkins is looking like a 2nd day prospect.


B.J Cunningham- WR Michigan State


I’ve been wanting to put B.J Cunningham on the Watchers for a few weeks now, but just didn’t have the space. But after his game this Saturday against OSU, I couldn’t leave him off again. In the Spartans only 2 meaningful games so far, Cunningham has had 12 Catches for 158 yards, and then 9 catches for 154. He is a big 6-3 220 pound receiver, but this year he looks quicker, and much more agile than I remember him. As mentioned, this is such a deep WR class, maybe the deepest of all time, and Cunningham’s name is right in there.


Desmond Trufant- CB Washington


The younger brother of Marcus Trufant, Desmond is quietly making a very nice name for himself. As a Junior, through 5 games he leads the nation with 10 passes broken up, and also has 2 interceptions on the season, along with 2 forced fumbles. He’s been a ball hawk no doubt, but he has also looked very good in coverage. Fluid hips, sharp footwork, and obviously excellent ball skills. As with the WR class, this years Cornerback class is extremely deep. He is currently in our 2nd tier, but is on the rise.

1 Kirk Cousins- QB Michigan State

Nobody ever confused Kirk Cousins for an elite quarterback, but most of us thought he was good enough to be a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. Last year he showed excellent Football IQ, was a sharp, accurate passer, and good decision maker. But in MSU’s 2 big games so far this year, Cousins has been pretty bad. He was very shaky in the loss 2 weeks ago to Notre Dame, throwing a horrific INT. And even though State won this past week against OSU, he threw 2 more INT’s and was very shaky again. Cousins doesn’t have dominant physical tools, and made his living on being a sharp decision maker, but now that he isn’t even showing those, he doesn’t have much. However, he has a lot of big games left to redeem himself.


Greg Childs- WR Arkansas


It’s really sad for me to put Greg Childs on this list, as last year he was one of my favorite players. But unfortunately, last year he blew out his knee, and now he just does not look like the same player at all. Last year in the 8 games he played before injury, he was averaging 6 catches a game, and had 6 total Touchdowns. Through 4 games this year, he has 5 TOTAL, catches and 0 TD’s. He hasn’t been able to create separation, and just isn’t the athlete he was last year. Hopefully something changes and he can regain his strength, but for now, his stock is free falling.


Alameda Ta’Amu- DT Washington


I don’t think Ta’Amu is a bad player, but he has been getting a lot of hype lately, and I really don’t know why. Not that Nose Tackles are judged on stats, but he does only have 13 total tackles, and 1 sack on the season through 5 games. Not only the stats, but as I’ve watched him, he has not been very good against the run, getting routinely pushed around, which shouldn’t be the case for someone who is 6-4 330. He does carry his weight pretty well and has quick feet, but he, and Washington’s defense have been run all over, and Ta’Amu has not been the player that people think he is.