Agility: Can look stiff in space, but if playing guard this will not be an issue. Showed good movement and balance. Quick feet.

Movement: Could do a better job firing out of his stance in the run game, but shows solid ability to pull moving left or right. Keeps his steps tight when crossing behind other linemen. Very consistent.

Pass blocking: Does not have great arm length and can reach too often to find his man. Has quick hands and can mirror and slide with pass rushers inside. Can look stiff in space but if kept inside at guard he will have no issues. Shows good leverage in pass protection. Bends well at the knees and uses leverage to take pass rushers out of the play.

Quickness: Very good quickness. Would fit well in a zone blocking scheme due to his ability to move outside the pocket and lead on sweeps.

Run blocking: Gets out of his stance well and has a quick, nasty punch. Shows great knee bend in driving his man off the line of scrimmage. Very good lateral quickness and agility. Will redirect his man. Can wall-off defenders. Shows good quickness and balance getting to the edge on pulls and sweeps. Finishes his blocks well.

Strength: Reportedly bench presses 440lbs. Plays with a mean streak and puts his full strength on the field. Wonderful upper-body strength.

Technique: For being such a small-school guy his technique is near flawless. Granted, the film is against sub-par competition, but his execution is great.

Final word: The biggest question mark surrounding Will Rackley will be that he hasn’t faced enough high-level competition to really know how he will perform at the NFL level. While he tested great and looks good on film, what will he do against Pro Bowl defensive ends?

While Rackley played well at the East-West Shrine Game, that’s not exactly a hot-bed of future NFL talent.

He is versatile, which will help. Teams love guys who can play guard or tackle, and Rackley has and can.

That’s the big question, and is the line between Rackley being drafted in Round 2 or Round 5.