Acceleration: Explodes out of his stance and gets inside the cornerback’s cushion in a hurry. Has elite, high-end NFL acceleration. Very quick. Has a super-fast second gear and can get to top speed in seconds. Can really burn up the turf.

Agility: Arguably the most agile of any receiver in this class. Has excellent quickness, balance and flexibility. Can contort his body to make tough catches and slip past tacklers.

Blocking: Is too small to be a real asset as a down-field blocker. He will give effort and does a nice job annoying defenders, but he’s not an elite blocker.

Hands: Our biggest, and maybe only complaint on Young is how inconsistent he can be in catching the football. Will try to steal looks up-field or beside him before securing the ball. Doesn’t look the ball in and properly tuck it away. In addition to his lack of concentration and inconsistency, Young’s size will enable defenders to hit him and jar the ball loose.

Release: Has been described as sneaky off the line of scrimmage. Can slip past press coverage due to excellent lateral agility and acceleration. Once he gets past the first defender they will never catch him, he’s too fast for a cornerback to turn and catch from behind.

Route running: Has played in a spread system that asked him to run numerous routes. Has seen combination routes, underneath and deep routes during his career. Should enter NFL with a full understanding of the route tree.

Size: Slightly undersized at 5’11” and 175lbs.

Speed: Has the speed to stretch the field. Can run by defenders and get behind the secondary. Forces cornerbacks to play off of him to allow cushion.

Final word: The obvious comparison for Titus Young is the Eagles Desean Jacskson. Both are slightly undersized, dangerous return men and a match-up nightmare at wide receiver.

Young was suspended during his sophomore season for breaking still unspecified team rules. That cost him nine games. While Young has not shown any issues since, it’s definitely something that needs a second look.

Young is incredibly talented, but red flags for size, character and drops will push him down until at least the 2nd round.