Agility: A very natural athlete, Stefen moves well for his size and appears light on his feet. Has good balance and lower-body flexibility. Can get downfield on screens and is effective blocking at the second-level.

Movement: Is a good second-level blocker. Has the mobility to get out in space and make blocks. Must resist lunging and reaching in space, though. Has done a good job adjusting and controlling his body in space.

Pass blocking: Very good athleticism. A solid all-around pass blocker. Gets through his pass set quickly after the snap, something very important to NFL teams facing a three-man front with a nose tackle head-up on the center. Has experience in shotgun and standard snapping. Moves well to help the guard going either right or left. A good help-blocker on blitz protection. Does not always recover well if beaten. Will reach too often.

Quickness: Part of his high-motor is that Wiz gives great effort every play. Hustles through his pass set and is quickly ready for the defender. Has shown good quickness off the snap and in moving left or right. Great reaction time.

Run blocking: Is not quite strong enough to be over-powering at the point of attack. Does a nice job using angles from center to control his man. Has shown the ability to cut block. Is not always strong enough to turn defenders. Does a good job grabbing on and then churning his feet to move defenders and create a hole. Sets his feet well and isn’t bent over. Is a high-effort guy who will not give up on a block.

Technique: Has shown good knee bend and does not have bad habits to break in terms of leverage and flexibility. Is a natural technician who relies on angles and quickness to defeat pass rushers. Biggest issue we see is his habit of reaching for pass rushers. He must learn to work within the confines of his space and slide to make contact instead of lunging.

Final word: Stefen comes from a talented, hard-nosed football family and will fit in perfectly in the NFL.

Living up to the success of dad Leo and uncle Steve might be another thing.

Wisniewski was the first true freshman to ever start on the Penn State offensive line, and he never looked back. His career as a Nittany Lion goes down as one of the best ever for an offensive lineman.

While “Wiz” could see a future at guard in the NFL, his college position, most like him best at center.

Expect the younger Wisniewski to hear his name called in the first two rounds.