Ball skills: Has the height and leaping ability to do well high-pointing the ball. Is not a turnover machine and must work to break faster on the ball in the air. Has the length to really be an asset here, but needs to improve timing and position. Just one career interception.

Instincts: Can be late to recognize but makes up for it by hustling to the ball. Looks best in zone coverage where he can sit back, watch and react. Can be a step late at times getting to the outside. Will be beaten on comebacks if ran into his zone. Does not anticipate routes well.

Man coverage: Has the quick feet to excel in man coverage but needs his footwork re-worked. Has the size and speed to turn and run with NFL receivers. Is fluid in his drop steps and backpedal. Too often guesses wrong on what the receiver and quarterback are doing. Can be beaten badly at times. A little inconsistent. Will give up inside position too easily. Isn’t physical enough. Might get flagged for contact early on in the NFL.

Size: Has excellent size. Perfect height with great length. Has a long-stride in his backpedal and can really eat up yards in reverse.

Speed: Pretty impressive speed. Posted a 4.41s run at the NFL Scouting Combine and backs that speed up well on the field.

Tackling: Is willing and able to come up and make tackles. Has good size and wingspan to reach ball carriers.Does a good job forcing the ball back inside. Surprisingly effective at shedding blocks.

Zone coverage: Does a good job working his zone. Doesn’t always seem to mesh with safeties, leaving huge openings deep in the field. Does a good job coming up to makes tackles against short throws and in run support. Must get better at locating the ball in the air.

Final word: Missed most of his 2008 season with a hairline neck fracture and was then academically ineligible for 2009- although he was able to play in the Emerald Bowl to end the ’09 season.

Wright looks like a late 3rd round pick in our book. However, a late injury at the USC pro day could hurt his stock.

If NFL teams can look past the injuries and the academic issues they will find an athletic, versatile player able to start at cornerback and make plays in special teams.