Ball skills: Hands are average, at best. Don’t expect a ton of interceptions. Adjusts pretty well to balls thrown behind him.

Instincts: Carter is a safety loaded with speed and power. He’s played both free and strong, which will help him get on the field quickly in the NFL. Can be late to see plays going to the sideline.

Man coverage: He has valuable versatility, enough to be used at either safety position and perhaps even to slide inside and cover the slot. In pass coverage, he can play man, zone and bracket coverage. He’s best when playing over the top with a corner underneath. Could be seen as a cornerback in Cover 2 defenses.

Size: Has ideal size for NFL defensive back.

Speed: 4.57s in the 40 might be okay for a safety but it’s not good enough for a cornerback. Could limit Carter’s perceived ability in the NFL.

Tackling: He’s very good supporting against the run and is quick to break up field. Has a free-flowing game where he works sideline-to-sideline with good effect. Can be effective as a traditional wrap-up tackler, but likes to lower his head and hit. Can be an intimidator in the deep center. Teams stayed away from his part of the field at times. As fun as Carter can be to watch hitting people, sometimes he’ll strikeout going for the big shot. As good as he can be against the run, Carter will sometimes have trouble shedding blocks.

Zone coverage: Has the speed and playmaking ability to be an effective centerfielder. Can be an intimidator in the deep center. Teams stayed away from his part of the field at times.

Final word: Carter is one of the better all-around safeties in this year’s class. He’s experienced in several different styles of pass defense and is a good run defender. He also has the skill set to be a thumper of a safety who teams can use as a last line of defense enforcer.

We like Carter as a third-round guy who can come in and play early in his career.