Coverage: Has some experience here due to time at outside linebacker. Was just average in coverage as he doesn’t turn his hips well enough to run with tight ends and backs.

Instincts/recognition: Sees the ball well and explodes against the run. Can lose when guessing on play-action and will too often bite and struggle to recover. Is athletic enough to recover when he guesses wrong. Is a smart student as well, graduating from high school early to enroll at UNC. Reads the quarterback and position of the offensive line very well.

Pass rush: Has enough speed to be effective blitzing the “A” gap. Has not been asked to blitz much but does show potential here. He is aggressive enough, has the speed to get in the backfield and is tough enough to handle bone-crushing collisions with fullbacks.

Pursuit/Lateral movement and agility: Is aggressive and flies around the field making plays. Slides well left and right. Is quick to decide and then explodes to the ball. Quick enough laterally to slip blockers.

Quickness: Is able to fly to the ball right off the snap and use his speed to make plays. Has played at both inside and outside linebacker and has the speed to stay at outside.

Run defense: Does a good job beating the blockers to the hole and closing things down. Makes a ton of tackles and is willing to throw himself into a hole. Is very fast getting to the edge and making plays. Does an excellent job setting the edge and stopping the run. Is very aggressive against the run.

Strength/Ability to shed blocks: Takes good angles and doesn’t put himself in the way of blockers. Most of the time he beats the blockers to the hole, so there is no block to shed. When he is engaged he doesn’t do a great job breaking free. Needs to rely more on technique and less on speed.

Final word: Sturdivant missed five games in 2010 with a hamstring injury but made it back in time to close out his college career with an interception in the Music City Bowl.

Quan is among our favorite college football players to watch. His reckless abandon in flying around the field, racking up huge tackle numbers and stuffing the run are all impressive.

At the NFL level Quan is a great fit as a MIKE linebacker in a 4-3 defense. While he could play inside in a 3-4 system he performs best when reading and reacting without worrying about blockers.