Agility: Slides well left-to-right. Good balance and is lighter on his feet than you expect him to be. A very athletic big man. Good flexibility in hips and knees.

Movement: Moves well in space. Has been a lead blocker on tosses and sweeps. Has good quickness out of his stance and a nice slide-step to pull or trap. Has good balance on the move. Also shows good speed and can quickly get to the corner and set the edge. Needs to show better effort and more consistency in his steps.

Pass blocking: Has a quick move out of his stance and is ready to strike within seconds. Has a good punch and can stun defenders off the ball. Does a nice job sliding in pass protection to mirror defender. Has long arms and uses them well to keep pass rushers at a distance. Big, strong hands that produce a quick, efficient punch. Will get a little high, especially playing center, and needs to bend more from the knees to generate power. Does not have the footwork to move outside to tackle.

Quickness: Is a natural athlete. Moves very well for a player his size. Able to work in-line or at the second level. Moves well to his left and right.

Run blocking: Is quick off the snap and gets a hold of the defender quickly. Has the strength to turn the defender and then drive him away from the ball. Shows a pretty good pad level but again can get too high coming from center. Struggled in 2010 at snapping and then getting up in time to initiate contact with defenders. Could really be weak against a 3-man front if he were at center. Has the quickness and agility to get up-field and attack at the second level.

Strength: Has very good natural strength and was able to dominate SEC defensive linemen when playing guard. At center he struggled with the task of snapping and then grabbing the defender- but this is more an issue of speed and coordination. Has a strong lower body and can power through a drive block.

Technique: As mentioned under pass blocking and run blocking, Pouncey is technically very sound. His biggest issue is that he will get too high at times. If playing center he must work harder to be more consistent with ball placement, snap speed and quickness in getting out of his stance once the ball is snapped.

Final word: To some extent Mike is living off the success of twin brother Maurkice, who was a 2010 1st Round pick and eventual Pro Bowler.

Mike, on the other hand, is a damn good prospect in his own right, but living up to the rookie season success of his brother might be unrealistic.

After starting his career at defensive tackle Mike made 28 consecutive starts at guard and received a first round grade before the 2010 NFL draft but wanted more. In 2010 he replaced his brother at center.

Mike is able to play any of the three interior offensive line positions but did struggle at center. He’s an ideal left or right guard.

Many teams are hoping to find a Pro Bowl guard in the NFL Draft. Teams willing to spend a first-round pick should look no farther than No. 55.