Pass rush: Able to make his way through the offensive line from the defensive tackle position. Does a great job attacking the gaps and disrupting the play. Has shown a spin move that works fairly well but he needs to develop counter-moves as well. Will get sucked in to play-action at times, which can be fixed in time. Will struggle to get off blocks and doesn’t always get a clear lane to the quarterback because of this. Can get shut down completely by double-teams.

Pursuit: Very aware of traffic and does a nice job fighting through pile ups to make plays.

Quickness: Has a quick first step and fires off the snap. Good lateral agility and has shown he can work down the line to make plays on the edge.

Run defend: Is still a raw player who needs molded. Looks the part as a five-technique defensive end in a three-man front. Has the strength to sit down on the edge and anchor. Recognizes blocking schemes quickly and makes accurate diagnosis on where the ball is going.

Strength: Good overall strength. Has shown he can stand up at the point of attack and not lose ground. Good core strength.

Tackling: Can he a hard-hitting player when he makes contact. Plays with a mean streak and is not afraid of getting physical. Quick to read and react.

Final word: Lawrence Guy is one of the higher rated of the second-tier defensive tackles who we are projecting to play defensive end in a 3-4 defense.

Guy is relatively raw and flashes the potential to develop in to a special player. The first obstacle will be overcoming dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. If managed properly the two conditions will not be an issue, but he has struggled acdemically.

Is a high-effort player and person who will work to achieve success. As an early third-round pick Guy is a good value for teams running a 3-4 defense.