Agility: Is a very fluid athlete. Moves well for his size. Loose hips. Able to change direction easily. Good lateral agility. Sinks well in his hips. Light on his feet. Very naturally athletic.

Blocking: Is an effort-player and this shows when run blocking. Would be best used in motion as to give him the best angles and a head start at the defender. Is a lean body type but has good strength. Experience in run blocking will be key to early success and playing time in NFL. Comes to the league with a good understanding of the blocking game. Like all Wisconsin blockers, he’s been well coached.

Hands: Catches like a wide receiver. Has big hands and can snag the ball out of the air. Extends his arms away from his body and makes the catch with his hands. Tracks the ball very well over either shoulder. Has shown the ability to go low for balls or grab them at their high-point. Will drop the occasional pass in traffic. Needs to be more mentally tough in traffic.

Release: Fires off the line very fast. Able to get through the defender’s cushion quickly and can get behind the defense. Does a good job selling his block and then releasing. Has shown he can chip and peel to his route.

Route Running: A very good deep threat. Runs a nice seam route. Will sell play-action nicely before getting into his route. Great quickness and size. Is a big target running over the middle or up the seam. Can shake off linebackers and run past them. Is too big to be covered by a nickel defender.

Speed: Has the speed to get deep. Can really explode up the seam and stretch a defense. Doesn’t appear to have a second-gear, but his first is fast enough.

Size: Is a little leaner than most would prefer but he’s an athletic tight end who makes his money in space. Has a great build and is very well put together.

Final Word: Lance Kendricks goes down as one of our favorite tight ends to scout in a long time. He’s a great athlete, and shows it by making plays downfield in the passing game and running after the catch.

He’s also a fighter in the trenches and surprisingly good as a blocker. He’ll never be amazing as an in-line blocker but he gives max effort and really works to secure his blocks.

Kendricks leaves Wisconsin ready for the NFL. His ability as a blocker, coupled with his size and speed, will make him a top 100 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.