Ball skills: Posted nine career interceptions after a monster 2010 season in which he landed five interceptions. Has two career touchdowns on returns.

Instincts: Has been a very good backfield and receiver awareness. Will get overaggressive at times and needs to be more patient when jumping routes.

Man coverage: Has a smooth backpedal with terrific natural athleticism to get in and out of his breaks. Can play in press or press-bail coverage or even cover slot receivers if asked, although he may struggle with speedy receivers here. Has good change-of-direction skills.

Size: Has ideal size and bulk with long arms and a big stride. Could stand to use that size better in disengaging off blocks and making plays on the ball.

Speed: Ran a too-slow 4.59s in the 40-yard dash. Flashes good quickness but may not be fast enough to turn and run with NFL receivers.

Tackling: Is very willing to come up in run support. Patrick diagnoses run plays fairly quickly and breaks down well to make tackles. Keeps his eyes and head up. Is a physical player.

Zone coverage: Often lined up off the ball and will be best in a read and react situation where he can sit back and diagnose. Is at his best ten yards off the ball. Is a sure tackler and is good at coming up to make plays.

Final word: Patrick was involved in a domestic incident that eventually was ruled by the courts to be an accident. He had also been charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

These two incidents will cause NFL scouts to red flag Patrick’s file for character concerns.

The saving grace for Patrick is that he has NFL-caliber physical attributes and cover skills- and not many guys have this. He’s still a top 120 pick for us.