Acceleration: Gets in and out of his breaks will good burst. Has shown he can explode off the line of scrimmage. Has the quickness to really get into the secondary and press the coverage.

Agility: Great body control. Shows he can adjust his body in a way to make the difficult catches look easy. Very good flexibility in hips to make cuts and turn the corner.

Blocking: As a former running back he is physical enough to block and willing to do so. Does more than jump in front of defenders. Has the strength to drive block defenders. Could stand to be more consistent in this area, like others, stemming from his inexperience.

Hands: Does a nice job extending to make catches. For an inexperienced wide receiver he does a good job making veteran plays- like using his hands and looking the ball in. However, Little is inconsistent in this regard. He will make questionable drops and cannot be considered reliable at this point.

Release: Could stand to be more physical coming off the line of scrimmage. Has the size and speed to break free from press coverage, but must do so consistently. With his combination of size and speed no one should be able to stop him.

Route running: This is the area where Little is going to need the most work. Has played just one season of college football at receiver. Is not technical in his route running. Rounds off corners, relies on speed and agility alone and will struggle to learn an NFL passing tree before his rookie season. Pretty inconsistent, but understandably so.

Size: Has an excellent build for an outside or inside wide receiver position. At 220lbs and well built he is stronger than most defensive backs. His size will be an advantage to him in betting press coverage, boxing out cornerbacks and making plays for jump balls.

Speed: Turned in an impressive 4.53s run in the 40-yard dash at the UNC pro day. Is more quick than he is sprinter-fast. Has enough speed to press a defense and run past defensive backs.

Final word: Little was suspended for the entire 2010 season by the NCAA for an inappropriate relationship with an agent, stunting Little’s growth as a wide receiver and a player.

NFL teams are looking for talented football players, and Little fits that bill. He has played wide receiver, running back and even quarterback in the Tar Heels version of the Wildcat.

Little has started just 13 college games, so he’s incredibly raw, but there is a ton of talent to work with.

NFL teams may be leery of his past, but there is no way they can look past his talent and potential.

Little could be drafted as early as the first round or slip to the middle rounds of the draft. It’s all up for debate right now.