Agility: Nice lateral agility. Moves well left-to-right. Decent jumping ability, but doesn’t show much in terms of being able to go up and get the ball. Enough agility to sink his hips into his routes and make clean breaks. Is not very elusive and won’t make defenders miss.

Blocking: Not a blocker. Williams is not a classic in-line tight end. Does better if given a head start and really needs to be in motion to have a chance at making a block. High effort, low results.

Hands: Pretty reliable and consistent. Is a receiving tight end more than a blocker. Does a good job extending away from his body to make plays on the ball. Does a good job absorbing hits and keeping hold of the football. Has good vision and tracks the ball well over his shoulder.

Release: Good initial quickness off the snap. Can struggle if pressed. Will get shutdown with a defensive end head-up. Does best when left uncovered, in motion or with a linebacker in a shade technique. Can really struggle if jammed due to lack of strength/bulk.

Route Running: Has been used extensively as a receiver and runs nice routes. Has enough speed to be effective getting up the seam and breaking zone coverage. Sells the fake well going inside or out. Sharp corners.

Speed: Has enough speed to make plays after the catch. Average straight-line speed.

Size: Has good size, but is not strong enough to be an in-line tight end.

Vision: Tracks the ball well over either shoulder. Locates the ball quickly and accurately. Shows good vision in the open-field and will find openings in the defense. Can sit in a zone and is able to locate weakness in the defense.

Final Word: In drafting Williams you will get a high-character, team first player who will never be an issue in the locker room. 2010 winner of the Disney Spirit Award, given to the college football player who inspires most.

Lived through a tough childhood where he was abused by his father. His father is serving two sentences in prison.

Williams, aside from his off-field impressiveness, is a good football player. He fits the mold of the athletic tight end that you can move around to get the best match-up. He’s never going to dominate as a blocker but you can move him around enough to be effective on sweeps and outside runs.