Ball skills: Shows good timing. Makes quick breaks on the ball and has the jumping ability to make a play on high passes. Is physical enough to come through or under receiver to make interceptions. Is dangerous with the ball once he converts.

Instincts: Can be too slow to react at times. Can be late in supporting the run, which could be caused by recognition or laziness.

Man coverage: Is best in man coverage, where he can use his size and speed to control receivers. Has a good, fluid backpedal. Shows quick feet. Does a nice job chopping feet to transition from backpedal to forward run. Has the speed to run with any receiver. Keeps good contact with the receiver throughout the route. Has shown he can force receiver to the sideline without being flagged for contact.  Has the most experience in man coverage due to schemes at New Mexico State.

Size: Has ideal size. Is a physical, press style corner who will not be physically dominated by bigger NFL receivers.

Speed: Has good enough speed to run with almost any receiver in the NFL today.

Tackling: Will fire off into ball carriers when coming up in run support. Is a wrap-up tackler but also does a good job taking out legs from runners. Is not afraid to lower his shoulder. Is an effective tackler in space. Does a good job in pursuit.

Zone coverage: Has not been asked to play as much zone coverage. He has shown the ability to come up out of his backpedal quickly, which is a requirement for zone cover corners. Is a solid tackler and could be trusted to protect the field behind him. Shows good closing speed on the ball whether in the air or being ran.

Final word: House is one of the more underrated cornerbacks in the 2011 draft.

He’s the ideal corner in this class for the popular press coverage schemes being ran all over the NFL today.

House is fast, physical, aggressive and an excellent man cover corner. We see no reason he will not be drafted in the first two rounds of the draft.