Ball skills: Shows good balance, agility and speed. Is able to break on the ball and use his size to create separation between the receiver and the ball.

Instincts: A three-year back up at cornerback, Conte is still learning how to play free safety. He was predictably a little slow at times in reacting to plays and was sucked in on play-action too often. He’s still learning, and based on how fast he picked things up in 2010, it won’t take him long to be making plays in the NFL.

Man coverage: Former cornerback has good cover skills. Can turn and run with wide receivers and will have no trouble locking up with tight ends.

Size: Has prototypical size and good athleticism for a free safety. Looks the part. Long arms and is able to break up plays. Has a very good frame with good bulk and definition.

Speed:Excellent mix of size and speed. A natural athlete who moves easily.

Tackling: Is a physical player who is not afraid to stick his nose on the ball. Was a very reliable and consistent open-field tackler in 2010. A technically sound tackler who breaks down and wraps up. Takes smart angles and doesn’t take himself out of position.

Zone coverage: Does a good job reading the quarterback’s eyes. Has good enough speed and range to close on the ball in the air. Can take false steps and put himself out of position to make plays.

Final word: Conte is a relative newbie to the position but picked up the nuances quickly in 2010. In just one season as a starter he looked promising enough to warrant a look in the 100 picks of the draft.