Acceleration: Does not have the foot speed or burst to accelerate at high level. Only average balance and agility. Can hit a second-gear when running with the ball. Is much faster when being chased than he is getting in and out of breaks or starting his routes.

Agility: Pretty good lateral agility in breaking away from contact at the line of scrimmage and running zone routes. Doesn’t have the quick twitch ability you see in smaller receivers. Foot speed is very average. Has excellent leaping ability.

Blocking: Despite his size, which allows him to tower over most defensive backs, is not a dominant downfield blocker. Can give a good initial pop but then struggles to counter.

Hands: Very inconsistent throughout his career and even in Senior Bowl practices. Has struggled with drops throughout. Can let the ball get in to his pads too often. Tries to turn and run before securing the ball. Has the arm length and hand size to break this habit, but will require work to do so. This is the biggest negative mark on Hankerson’s scouting report. He has to be more consistent and reliable catching the football.

Release: Has a big body, making him a big target in press coverage. Can get caught up by pesky cover men. Has a long stride, so it takes him a while to build up to full speed. Decent initial quickness, but does not have the burst to explode out of the gate. Has long arms and will use them to create separation.

Route running: Has the size to get past any initial coverage and beat the jam. Can get into his route fast enough to force the cornerback to bail or turn, and then capitalize. Does not have quickness or burst to make sudden changes in route. Will struggle to sink hips and change direction. Is not a guy who can put his foot in the dirt and change direction. Has experience running a pro passing tree and is familiar with all route combinations.

Size: Has ideal size for No. 1 receiver in NFL offense. Big, long arms and lean. Has excellent wingspan. Can get up and snag the ball from a high-point due to excellent height, wingspan and leaping ability.

Speed: Is not a speed receiver. Has enough straight-line speed to make plays after the catch. Can make plays after the catch and has good vision to see openings in the field and get away from defenders. Makes a lot of plays behind the defense, whether due to blown coverage or speed to get past defenders.

Final word: Hankerson is an interesting prospect. When he’s on his game there are few players better than him. Then he starts dropping passes, loses his confidence and is in the tank for the rest of the game.

When Hankerson is on he’s one of the best wide receivers in this class. He has an excellent blend of size, route running skills and elusive speed to make plays behind the defense. He is an ideal fit for a west coast offense due to his size and ability to box out cornerbacks on inside routes.

For Hankerson to ever see his potential fulfilled he has to become more consistent catching the ball. The rest is naturally there already.