Aaron Williams
6’0, 204 pounds | Cornerback | Texas

Ball skills: Although Williams saw a decent amount of passes in his direction, he had no interceptions as a junior. As such, he has suspect hands, which is one reason some consider him more of a safety. Intercepted three passes in 2009.

Body control: Has quick feet, but doesn’t always get himself in position to make a play on the ball. Is a natural leaper, but doesn’t always time his jumps correctly.

Instincts: This is one of the areas where Williams will have to see improvement if he wants to stay at cornerback. He too frequently relies on his natural athleticism. That masks his instincts fine in college, but it could expose him in the NFL. Williams has a tendency to bite on double moves. Doesn’t always pick up the run as good as you’d like.

Man coverage: If Williams sticks at cornerback, it will be because of his footwork and size to play the outside. Has quick feet and hips to open up and run with wide receivers. Williams has the size to handle big receivers, but he’s not quite as physical as you’d expect. Because of that, he’s much better playing in off man coverage.

Size: Possesses the size of a safety and has a strong build throughout his frame. Really knows how to use his size in pass coverage, using his natural length to break up passes.

Speed: Isn’t quite as fast as you’d like. Timed at 4.55 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. Has some trouble keeping up with fast deep routes and doesn’t have the elite speed to catch up.

Tackling: Williams is willing but somewhat deficient supporting against the run. He’s strong enough to shed blocks and get to the ball carrier but will take wrong angles. As a tackler, he’s a above average. Is a grab tackler. While he may not be technically sound in his wrap-up and drive through, he has good enough playing strength to improve here.

Zone coverage: Has a tendency to bite on double moves when he’s in zone. May need to get better at diagnosing a play as it develops. Has timing issue Can get over-aggressive in zone and beaten over the top.

Final word: Williams has the tools to be an exceptional cornerback. He’s big and can be physical. He has good footwork, which helps him in man coverage. What keeps him back is his inconsistency and instinct issues. If Williams wants to stay at cornerback, he’ll have to learn to play with more discipline, especially in zone situations.