Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Has incredible acceleration once he finds a crease. One second he is caught behind the line, the next he’s in the secondary.

Ball Protection: Has zero fumbling issues. Ball security is an A+.

Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Is like an Energizer bunny, always keeping his legs churning and bouncing off would-be tacklers. Is able to bounce and spin his way through tacklers. Very good balance at turning the corner and keeping his body control.

Pass Catching: An able and productive receiver. Has soft hands, good vision and the speed to make plays in space. A valuable player here.

Pass Blocking: Is not the most dominating blocker, but he is willing to lock up with pass rushers. Will dip his head too often, losing sight of the blitzer.

Power: Does not have the bulk to be a powerful inside runner on every down, but is pretty effective here nonetheless. Has very good balance and leg drive to power through tackles. Does a good job finishing his runs and falling forward when tackled. Runs with a low pad level, making him a stronger runner than he should be.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Is a bit small at 5’9″ and 212 lbs. Has enough size to play on every down in the NFL. Does a good job protecting himself from big hits with low pad height.

Speed: Has the patience, vision and burst to showcase his speed on the outside. Williams has the speed to out-run linebackers to the edge and can make defenders miss in the secondary. If a defensive back takes a bad angle, he’ll lose the race.

Vision/Balance/Instincts: Has good vision for finding cutback lanes and creases in the offensive line.

Final Word: The only flaw we can find with Williams is his durability. He has missed time with a hamstring injury that is being checked thoroughly in pre-draft visits. Has only two seasons at Virginia Tech under his belt, so there is little wear and tear on him compared to Mark Ingram or other backs in this class.

If Williams checks out medically he has the look of a middle second round pick. His speed, receiving ability and all-around game are impressive enough to warrant his starting as a rookie.