Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Has the burst and acceleration to make defenses pay if he finds an opening.

Ball Protection: Has not had issues with ball security. Carries the ball high and tucked away tightly to his body. Creates a nice pocket when taking hand-offs.

Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Is shifty in the open field. Will try too often to dance behind the line of scrimmage. Is very agile and shows the ability to make plays in space.

Pass Catching: Is a solid receiver coming out of the backfield. Has the size to be used in the slot as a match-up problem for nickelbacks and linebackers. Runs solid wheel routes and flat combinations.

Pass Blocking: Hunter is a liability here. He’s simply too small to take on pass rushers. Could be used as a cut-blocker, but must show willingness to attack pass rushers.

Power: Lacks elite power when running the ball, largely due to his size. Needs to do a better job running through tacklers, keeping his pads low and his legs moving. Runs timid at times. If he were to press the line and run with more aggression he could see changes in his yards per carry and yards after contact.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Is very much undersized, which can work for or against him. Many point to nagging injuries in 2009 and say Hunter’s size is a liability. His diminutive stature could relegate him to third-down duties early in his career.

Speed: Has elite speed in the open field. Is not a long-strider, but can get his short legs pumping.

Vision/Balance/Instincts: Sees the field well and can find openings in a pile. With a smaller body-type he can fit through holes that bigger runs get caught up in. Uses his size to his advantage here.

Final Word: Has been injured in his career, notably in 2009. He bounced back in 2010 and displayed the run/catch ability that had some calling him the next “Maurice Jones-Drew”.

Hunter is a natural overachiever, and his production at the college level is undeniable. Many see him as a complimentary back, while others see something more in the small back.

Hunter has all the tools to carve out a nice career in the NFL. If he were two inches taller, we would be talking about him as a top running back instead of as a third-down only guy.

With a deep class at running back Hunter is likely to wait until Round 3 to hear his name called. If injury issues and size concerns creep up, it could be a long day for this Cowboy.