Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Has top-flight quickness, burst and acceleration. Can make defenders miss when they meet him in the hole. Has the feet to make jump cuts in traffic to get a clear running lane. Will bounce off tacklers and out of closing holes.

Ball Protection: Has not shown any issues with ball security or fumbling. Should not be an issue in the NFL.

Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Has a very effective jump-cut that he uses to get out of tight spots around the line of scrimmage. Similar to LaDainian Tomlinson’s move to go from inside to the outside in one move. Shows a good ability to move and make people miss.

Pass Catching: Has been used as a receiver out of the backfield only. Reliable on screens and swing passes, but that’s it. He does have the agility to become a better receiver, and could be used in the slot, but he has no experience running routes or catching when it’s not in a straight-line pattern.

Pass Blocking: Is too small to be considered a reliable blocker. Is not strong enough, or aggressive enough, to be a valuable blocker early in his career.

Power: Todman does not have the size or running style of an inside runner. He is technically sound though and makes up for his lack of size with 100 percent effort. Keeps his legs churning through contact. Will initiate contact instead of waiting to receive it. Is never going to run in to a pile and push it up field, but he can break one-on-one tackles.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Is small and lean, but is not a red flag due to size. Is a pro-typical speed back.

Speed: Has enough straight out speed to outrun defenders to the edge or in the open field. Can be very dangerous if he finds an opening and gets to the second-level. Can break a defense. Able to escape once a defense has him boxed in the backfield. Once he’s free, he’s gone.

Vision/Balance/Instincts: Shows good patience when running outside. Will stretch the field and wait for an opening. Doesn’t panic. Does a good job following his blockers. Will see a cut back lane and isn’t afraid to take it.

Final Word: Todman dominated the Big East with two seasons over 1,000 yards for the Huskies- the first UConn runner to ever rush for 1,000 or more in two seasons. After a stellar junior season he decided to forego his senior season and enter the NFL draft.

Todman has the talent to become an every-down back in the NFL once he can learn to become a more consistent and reliable blocker. This much is certain, Todman is a hard-worker who will put in the time needed to get stronger and learn the playbook. There are no attitude problems to worry about, no diva mentality to balance out.

Todman may not be an every down back in year one. He’s likely a first and second-down back to begin with, until he masters blocking. He could also be used as a kick returner early in his career, as he has the speed and open-field running ability to be dangerous in space on returns.

NFL teams looking for the next Jamaal Charles will take a hard look at Jordan Todman. The two players are similar in size, speed, receiving ability, special teams history and running style.