Colin Kaepernick | Nevada
6’5″ | 233lbs

Accuracy: Kaepernick’s accuracy is not good, but it’s workable. His mechanics need a ton of work, which can clean up a lot of the issues he is facing with accuracy. Once he gets his mechanics flowing at an NFL level, his accuracy should be in-line. He does show good touch on underneath passes. You hate to compare him to anyone, but his throwing ability is a lot like Vince Young coming out of Texas.

Arm strength: Is a former-baseball player with a 90-plus mph fastball, so you know the arm strength is there. He has excellent zip on all his passes at every level of the field. As with his accuracy, it will be interesting to see how his velocity changes once he is delivery the ball without any wasted motion.

Athleticism/mobility: Is a tremendous athlete and a very mobile prospect. Has a very tall, thin frame and could be exposed to injury in the NFL if he takes too many hits- which are likely as he is a mobile quarterback. Needs to put on muscle.

Decision making: Does a pretty good job reading the defense, but has the benefit from playing in a shotgun system that let him sit back and evaluate. Can get in trouble in the middle of the field, where he doesn’t always find the safety or look him off. 

Field vision: Will have to learn how to read a defense from under center. Has otherwise done a good job seeing the field while in the shotgun or moving. Is an experienced starter and has seen every defense you can throw at him.

Mechanics: There is a lot of work to be done here. He has a lack of experience taking snaps from under center and needs to work on remaining balance while scanning the field. Another key issue is his grip on the ball, which is too loose. He also will drop the ball below his sternum before throwing, wasting time and motion. Has a hitch in his delivery that needs worked out, as a long release slows down delivery and makes interceptions more likely. Has to do a better job setting his feet and squaring his shoulders to deliver the ball. Must also learn to step in to his throws and not just sling the ball from his shoulder. 

Pocket awareness/poise: Kaepernick has a great feel for the pocket and the athletic ability to escape the rush. Much like Vince Young or Dennis Dixon before him, his athleticism can be a blessing or a curse. He must learn when to run and when to stand in the pocket and wait for his receiver to break open.

Final word: It is hard to think of any one player having the rise up draft boards this offseason that Kaepernick has enjoyed. He is now considered a late first-round pick and could even hear his name called in the middle of the first round.

The team that drafts Kaepernick will need to completely re-work his motion, which can be done (see Tim Tebow, Vince Young). Some will also point out guys like Philip Rivers who have performed fine with a less than usual motion.