Greg McElroy    QB          ALABAMA           6’2”        220


Greg is a very accurate passer on the short and intermediate routes and is able to drop back and hit slants all day. His ball placement is very good. He puts the ball in front of his receivers and gives them a chance to make something happen after the catch.  His deep balls tend to get underthrown, forcing his receivers to make adjustments and giving defenders a chance to get their hands on the ball.

Arm Strength

This is one area that really hinders McElroy’s prospects of making it in the NFL. He has good zip on his short passes but his passes to the sidelines and on deeper routes seem to have a little too much air on them. He tends to get in trouble trying to put balls into windows that he just doesn’t have the arm strength to make. With good coaching you might be able to squeeze a little more velocity out of his throws but physically this is about as good as he’ll get.


He’s not much of an athlete and isn’t much of a threat to run at all. He is able to get on the edge on bootlegs fine but when he breaks the pocket, don’t expect him to take off running. Inside the pocket he can slide and move in order to manipulate throwing lanes.

Decision Making

He performed well in a pro-style offense both before and after the snap. Before the snap he was able to diagnose where pressure was coming from and adjust accordingly, hitting the open receiver. He rarely threw the ball into bad spots. One thing he needs to learn is to throw the ball away. He seems to hold the ball too much trying to make a play and ends up taking sacks instead of throwing the ball into the 3rd row of the stands. He was sacked 30 times his senior year at Alabama.

Field Vision

Field Vision along with accuracy form McElroy’s top two traits as a prospect. He is very good at making safeties and linebackers move with his eyes and then hitting a receiver away from those defenders. If his primary read is covered he does a decent job of finding his 2nd and 3rd although he seems to panic a bit when this happens. He always keeps his eyes downfield instead of concentrating on pass rushers.


His footwork and throwing motion need a little bit of work. His delivery is a bit slow and he winds up a little bit too much. He’ll need to be coached to tighten up his delivery in order to make it faster especially with his average-at-best arm. McElroy tends to be sloppy from time to time when he steps into his throws so you would like to see him become more consistent there.

Pocket Awareness

McElroy does a very good job at commanding and manipulating the pocket. He feels pressure off the edge well and steps up into the pocket to deliver the ball. He is capable of sliding within the pocket and does it smoothly and quickly. His problem comes when the pressure comes up the middle. He tends to get happy feet and runs around too much trying to make something happen instead of throwing the ball away.

Final Word

Greg McElroy has been a very successful quarterback in the college ranks and has been a winner his whole life. As a starter, he’s only lost three games since he was in 8th grade. At Alabama, he didn’t have to carry the load like you want to see but was able to manage a very good team with a lot of high profile players all the way to the National Championship.

He is a very smart quarterback who finished his time at Alabama with a 3.86 GPA, was a member of the Honor Roll four times, and received the very prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. From the neck up, he has everything teams want and need from a quarterback. He’s not a guy you have to worry about not getting in his playbook or showing up on the police blotter. It’s hard to bet against McElroy but he just doesn’t have the physical tools to be a consistent starter in the NFL although he may surprise some people. His upside is very limited because he’s already a polished player and profiles as a career long back-up quarterback that has the ability to be a spot starter from time to time.