Corey Liuget       DT           ILLINOIS               6’2”        298

Pass Rush

Corey has a very quick first step off the ball and really explodes out of his stance. He’s got very active hands that he uses to his full advantage and has great agility and balance to slip by offensive linemen. In college he was very good at the “push-pull” but he won’t get away with it as much in the NFL because the linemen generally have much better balance. He is very good on stunts due to his quickness and he keeps his pads low.


He is relentless is pursuit. He accelerates through the gap and is able to locate the ball carrier and close quickly. He chases plays from sideline to sideline whether it’s a running back stretching the play or a quarterback scrambling or on a bootleg and makes tackles down the field. He can be too aggressive at times and will chase play action.


He lost weight between his junior and senior seasons and he was a lot quicker and more explosive because of it. He shoots gaps very effectively to make plays in the backfield. One of the quickest and most explosive interior linemen in this class.

Run Defend

Although Liuget isn’t a liability against the run, he isn’t a great run defender either. He tends to play with his pads too high and without leverage when he’s being run at and the blockers get their hands on him. He doesn’t get pushed back but he struggles to disengage from blockers.


Corey needs to improve his playing strength a bit. He has the frame to put on a few more pounds but he can’t put on too much and lose his explosiveness. He has the ability to hold the point of attack but isn’t a great bull rusher when he rushes the passer.


Corey is a reliable tackler who won’t get shed too often. He needs to learn to wrap up instead of going for the knock-out blow. Very smart and will try to strip the ball when he has help on the tackle.


Really needs to work on his pad level because he has a tendency to get too high and let blockers to get into his chest. When he stays low he shows good hand placement and leverage. He also needs to learn more pass rush moves and counters when his initial move doesn’t work.



Final Word

Corey Liuget enjoyed three really solid seasons at Illinois and really burst onto the scene this year as a junior totaling 12.5 TFL’s and 4.5 sacks. After his sophomore season when he tallied eight TFL’s and 2.5 sacks, he dedicated himself and lost about thirty pounds. He was slightly overlooked throughout the season because of the tremendous defensive line talent coming out of the Big 10 this year and got lost in the shuffle.


Although he doesn’t quite have the physical talent of a Nick Fairley, he is far more consistent and gives a more consistent effort. He doesn’t have any glaring holes; he just has to fix up a few things but he has all the physical tools to be an effective defensive linemen at the next level. His explosiveness off the snap makes him a perfect candidate to play the three technique in a 4-3 defense.